This Guy Sent His Mom An ‘Innocent’ Photo Of His Girl And It Backfired… Big Time

I don’t think there is one among us who hasn’t accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. Or maybe gotten caught showing a screenshot of a private conversation in order to talk behind someone’s back. It can usually be worked out pretty easily. Apologies made, or friends go their separate ways.

One man, Madison Vallance, sent a picture to his mother, and got way more than he bargained for because of it.

Image Source: Twitter

His mother had sent him a shirt with their last name on it. Innocently enough, he wanted to send his mother a picture of it to show his appreciation. After locating the shirt, he had his girlfriend Meghan hold it for the picture. Mom and girlfriend got on well, and like most young men, Maison liked showing off his lady love.

It appears that he was so focused on Meghan that he didn’t notice anything in the background that he probably didn’t want his mother to see, truth be told. No matter how close a mother and son are, some things should just be kept private.

He not only sent the picture to Mom, but decided to share it on social media, too. You know, to show off what a pretty girl he was lucky enough to have snagged. Nothing to see here, right? Wrong.

It wasn’t long before one of Maison’s friends, a girl named Brooke Tussey, realized he might have inadvertently shared a little bit too much about his relationship.

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some ropes were spied in the background placed so that they could have only been used for, shall we say, grown up activities. It didn’t take long for Twitter to make comment after comment congratulating him on the good times he apparently has been having.

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Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Many were inspired to share their own embarrassing stories to let him know he was not alone! One person spoke of their mom finding their private things and mistaking them for dog toys. One person said they went on vacation and while they were gone, their grandmother cleaned their room and found things that no grandmother should ever see! One simply gave him a good old congrats for the coitus. Can you imagine how embarrassed Maison and Meghan must have been? I would be mortified for anyone to know that much about my bedroom activities!

Let this incident be a reminder to us all to make sure to stay vigilant about what is shown in the background of our photos! You never know how thoroughly someone might be checking them out. I bet Maison will definitely think twice and check three times before posting on social media again, no matter how innocent the picture seems! Makes you wonder just how many times this exact thing happens to people all around the world! The more careful we are, the less moms and grandmas will be scandalized! Happy posting. Thanks for being a great cautionary tale, Maison!

Written by Amanda Johnson

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