10 Of The Most Bloodiest Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

People love mysteries. We will always be driven by the mystery because it provokes us. It makes us dig deeper. It doesn’t matter whether it is a criminal case or simply a suspicious behavior of a friend. The reward down the road of digging is what always stays in the back of our mind – to reveal. The deeper we go in human psychology the more we discover about it. That gives us a sense of superiority among others and as wise men say:

“You can only give what you really have within.”, therefore people feel attracted to those who have this sent in their presence.

Although some do it in order to brighten their appeal, others are deeply touched by the idea of discovering and solving, they dedicate their whole lives to “stay longer with the problem”.

However, the more we go back in time the more history shows us that there are cases which are beyond seeking, who are still a subject of doubt and the 20th century is rich in examples. Whether because of missing pieces or seekers lack of deduction skills we’ll leave it to you to decide.

#1. Who Was The Shotgun Man?

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Fear has always been the main weapon that criminals use. Unconquered, our mind can be our greatest enemy and it seems Chicago’s most wanted knew that upside-down. That was the only reason why the “Shotgun Man” – the most vicious killer in Little Italy, Chicago,- still walked carelessly on the streets even after committing a crime with witnesses around during the period of 1910-1920.

Since the establishment of both the political, and legal systems, they have revealed their flawed nature with their weakest link – corruption. We all know that worldwide mafia is feeding governments and receiving protection in return. This story is no exception.

The “Black Hand” was a method of extortion widely used by the Italian immigrants in Little Sicily, Chicago. According to a 1992 report in The New York Tribune: “…it really exists only as a phrase. As an organization such a thing never existed out of the minds of the police.”

As Mike Dash wrote in his book “The First Family”: “The term “Black Hand” was immediately embraced by the American press and labeled as an organized criminal conspiracy, which came to be is known as “The Black Hand Society.” To sum it up – blackmail criminals who work separately used this method as their craft to racketeering businessmen. However, blackmailing requires a strong trump to succeed and that was the mastery of the Shotgun Man in Chicago – the scarecrow.

If you were rich and had been visited by the villains, refusing to pay them would turn you into a subject of the Shotgun Man.

He would ambush you at the so called “Death Corner”, (the corner of Oak and Cleveland st. (previously Milton Av.)), with his weapon only, and you’d find yourself shot out of nowhere with no hopes for your killer to be found. That was probably one of the scariest facts around him, he used to disappear without a trace and even if witnessed, he was not easy to identify and as mentioned, his political protection provided by the Black Hand Society made it impossible to report. This fact has created a smog of fear among the citizens, which built up c comfort in the gang to continue.

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However, early 20th Century in the United States had been a time of alcoholism, violence and political corruption which incite the activists to help the nation. Step by step this has led to the so-called Prohibition – a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages whose main goal was to stop abuse of any kind. Investigations had then been organized and some have said that by the end of 1920 The Black Hand activity has been interrupted and relatively disappeared.

Thus far, no one knows what has been the destiny of The Shotgun Man thereafter. We can only guess whether (as he was financed by The Black Hand Society) he has been pushed to leave the streets of Chicago or to skillfully mix up with the crowd. Whatever it is, his name is still living in the city’s memory.

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#2. The Natalie Wood Case

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In the morning of November 29th, 1981, a dead body of a woman covered with wounds was found alongside the “Valiant” – a small inflatable dinghy. Authorities’ conclusion: The body is of Natalie Wood – American film and television actress.

The accident happened during the making of “Brainstorm”, where the actress had taken part. Meanwhile she went on a weekend boat trip to Santa Catalina Island with her husband Robert Wagner, the “Brainstorm” co-star Christopher Walken on board of the “Splendour” with the boat’s captain Dennis Davern. As the night Natalie disappears, according to Robert Wagner. The next morning, one mile away, she was found as described above.

The autopsy found a blood alcohol level of 0.14%, along with traces of motion sickness medication and a painkiller. When asked, the captain kept it uncertain. Her death had been ruled an accident by drowning and hypothermia. The case had been closed.

However, in 2011, Davner made a confession that he was actually a witness to the married couple’s argument on the night before her death, with his interpretation in defense of Nathalie, stating that Robert was the reason behind the tragic circumstances. With such a statement the case was re-opened and after nine months of further investigation, progress has led to rewriting the cause of the actress’ death on her death certificate to “drowning and other undetermined factors”. The coroner’s office had been instructed by detectives not to discuss or comment on the case.

In truth’s sake we have to mention that Natalie had been married to Robert twice, although many couple do that step only after they have really learned to cherish their lover. So the Natalie Wood’s case – is it a murder out of marriage aggression, is it alcohol and medication abuse, is it the fame factor… we leave the comments on the still opened case to you.

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