10 Of The Most Bloodiest Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

#5. The Lady of The Swamp

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Peter Scott Clement Sr. was a scotsman who emigrated to Australia during the gold rush of the 1850’s, earning his way up to financial success by firstly accepting shares of the Long Tunnel Gold Mine and then continuing to purchase shares while the mine had become the richest in Australia.

After becoming a wealthy man he met his future wife, Jane, and together they became a family having 6 children. Unfortunately, in 1879 due to health issues Peter died and left his widowed wife and mother of 6 young children a fortune for his family, including his siblings, to live by.

In 1907 three of the heirs – Peter, Jeannie and Margaret, move in at a property called Tullaree near Tarwin Lower. The land was reclaimed a swamp. Siblings were living like royalties, spending as they wish.
The youngest sister, Anna, moved with them but in 1912 Peter married Alice Hoggart and left the house. Since then, the misfortune for the young women had began. A year later, Anna got married as well and now Jeannie and Margaret were the only occupants of the farm.

They knew little about keeping or multiply a fortune nor did they know how to run a farm. The swamp slowly reclaimed the land and their financial state had become a sinking ship.

Desperate and isolated, by the mid 20th century the two sisters had well experienced the other side of the life coin. In 1950 Jeannie left her sister, Margaret, alone after dying of natural causes.

The story of the poor two sisters had already started to spread. Left alone with only her beloved dog, Dingo, Margaret lived a lonely life. Margaret Clement was last seen on May 22, 1952. A few days later 100 people came to the swamp searching for her which went very long. She has vanished.

No evidence or body was found which made it impossible to have a legit investigation.

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#6. The mystery death of Eugene Izzi

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On December 7, 1996, the American classic-styled crime writer, Eugene Izzy, was found dead hanging from a rope and wobbling outside the 14-th story window of his writing office in Chicago. Wearing a bulletproof vest with brass knuckles, a spray and a disc with an unfinished manuscript.

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First thought of how it looked – a suicide. However, much more is needed for such a conclusion than what is visible for the eyes of the inspectors.

When famous, it’s often inevitable to be a subject of death threats, no matter what the reason and Eugene is part of that statistic which made it as a possible scenario for detectives. He was also planning on revealing and disseminating a white supremacist group’s activities in a future book. Last but not least, the unfinished manuscript is said to have portrayed his concerning death.

The first thing that occurs to us when we hear about a suicide case is depression. But with plans for the future, it was hard to believe that Izzi was struggling with his life.

However, let the record show that human psychology is deeper than we can imagine and if one person shows to be the happiest person in the morning and found committed a suicide in the evening, if details are reasonably connected, a cause and effect link will be discovered.
Yet again, we leave it to you to be the judge.

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#7. The Zodiac Killer

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In the late 60’s and early 70’s Northern California was on target. Unfortunately, quite literally. The local Bay Area press had received numerous mocking and offensive letters claiming murders and containing cryptograms as well. These events gave the name of the famous serial killer “The Zodiac Killer”.

His identity remains unknown. More and more men have admitted they are the real Zodiac killer which made it even trickier for the case to be solved.

In April 2004, the SFPD marked the case “inactive”, but three years later reopened it in Napa County and in the city of Riverside.

Arthur Leigh Allen, Dennis Kaufman, a merchant mariner, George Russell Tucker, Louis Joseph Myers, Earl Van Best are all men who were either suspected by the police or confessed to be the wanted criminal but lack in evidence or even authentic facts are the reason the case is still open.

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