10 Of The Most Bloodiest Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

#3. Who really is responsible for the assassination of Bob Crane

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Bob Crane was an actor mainly known for his role as Colonel Hogan on the CBS sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes”, but also had experienced being a drummer, radio host, and a DJ.

His acting career though, is apparently not very fulfilling. Although receiving two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for his role in the series, he felt pushed to work as a Dinner Theatre performer, as the offered acting roles did not match his needs as an actor. Back and forth from the Dinner Theatre and TV industry he found himself taking part at “Beginner’s Luck” at the Windmill Dinner Theatre in 1978.

During the tour for his play he failed to show up for a lunch meeting. Co-star, Victoria Berry, went to his apartment at Windfield Place Apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona, and found him dead in quite a shocking state – beaten to death with an unidentified weapon and an electrical cord tied around his neck.
Back in the 70s investigation equipment and tools were not adequate enough to perform a high-profile murder investigation and little can be concluded out of a small number of traces and clues. However, there is a major discover that lead them to a potential suspect.

Investigators found and examined videotapes from which they discovered that Bob’s friend, John Carpenter, had come to visit him with a rental car. Traces from the rental car, which included several blood smears that matched the actor’s blood type, made John the main, and at the time the only, suspect. However, as mentioned, the evidence still was not enough. as DNA testing was still unavailable, charges had been declined.

In 1985 DNA testing was invented and 5 years later Detective Jim Raines reexamined the blood streams from 1978. The case was reopened. Since then, more evidence was found – brain tissue that appears on a photo of the car’s interior which made the proofs legitimate for the judge and resulted in arresting Carpenter in 1992.

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Circumstantial and inconclusive. That was the lead argument Carpenter’s attorneys had in John’s defense. Even though in court Bob’s son, Robert, had stated that prior to the date of murder, his father shared with him disappointing facts about their friendship, the defense had presented witnesses from a restaurant where the two friends had dined together and demonstrated a bright relationship. The defense continues to prove John’s innocence including revealing a side of Bob Crane’s nature – sexual addiction, particularly as pointing out that he has been videotaped and photographed with various women proving that Carpenter at least cannot be the only one suspect, as angry boyfriends and husbands of the seduced women can be suspected as well. With further argumentation Carpenter has won the case and acquitted.

We can only image the surprise of Bob Crane’s son when facing the facts about his father’s murder forming a mystery case. Never-the-less Robert later on accused his step mother, Patricia Olson, of having a main role in Bob’s murder as she was the only one who was favored by the followed bequest. Being based on no evidence, the suspicion was ignored by the prosecutor of the case leaving it in the mysteries’ list.

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#4. What really happened with the Carroll A. Deering and it’s crew

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No wonder this is a mystery case. The story is evolving near to the Bermuda Triangle and all incidents around that mythical place have won their place in the history of mysteries.

This one takes place on January 31, 1921 when an abandoned five-masted cargo ship was found hard aground at Diamond Shoals, a water area located off the coast of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina and fringed with reefs.

When the ship was finally boarded, a rather strange atmosphere welcomed the coast guards. With not a single man on board, only fresh food and full equipment, questions started to arise. Apparently the ship was under full sail. The only missing parts were two life boats with ropes freed alongside with all papers and documents.

Speculations are that an argument among the crew resulted in the captains’ murder. Others suspect that piracy lies behind the missing crew. Bad weather is also a strong version for the accident as it had been an usual scenario for other boats and ships in that area.

The ship was in very bad condition and was treated as an obstacle for other passing ships. Therefore, it was dynamited on March 4, 1921, leaving it a rather disturbing case.

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