10 Extraordinary Near-Death Experiences Described By Survivors

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The idea of life after death has intrigued mankind for as long as we can remember. It is implemented in the foundations of almost every religion that has ever existed and for some people it is the only reason to try to be nice during their lives.

And surely enough, a lot of people have shared their near dead experiences, which bare an unexplainable similarity, that certainly raises some questions.

One of the oldest surviving reports of a near death experiences was written by the Greek philosopher Plato. In a chapter of his book “Republic”  he tells the story of a soldier named Er, who awoke at his funeral and described the strange places he had been to in his journey through the afterlife.
Describing the escape from the dark cave, the flight of the soul and the vision of a pure celestial being, this text remarkably matches to an almost near perfection the NDE reports recorded in modern time.
And while there are countless reports for this phenomenon, we have compiled a list of some of the most intriguing near death experiences to this day.

#1. Anne Sanderson faced the Death at the age of two and explained everything as if it was yesterday

Anne Sanderson is a 66 year old retired medical secretary in Larbert, Scotland. She lives with her husband Derek, and they have two grown up children. Anne has a most interesting story to tell about hear near death experience as a child.

64 years ago, when she was just a toddler, she and her twin sister Lesley were put in a shared cot. Anne remembers everything as if it was yesterday, describing the room and the exact her position and that of her twin sister. Her sister sneezed and that gave her a start, she fell over the cot side and on to the floor, and what followed is one of the most bizarre near death experiences you might stumble upon.

Anne recalls finding herself floating high above the Earth’s surface looking over at the entire globe, the vivid colors of the land and the seas overwhelming her sight. She had noticed that a strand of silver is coming out of her left hand side and extending all the way down to earth. She felt perfectly calm and tranquil at the time, like floating in space was just something natural for her.

Some time later, she woke up in the hospital with a broken collar bone.
Now I know that you are probably thinking that there is nothing quite that bizarre in that story, but remember that this happened way back in 1951, and Anne had no way of ever seeing a photo of Earth from outer space. Yet she describes so well, what astronauts will see a decade later.

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#2. The girl that was returned to help her family

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Dr. Mary Neal shares an intriguing near death experience in her 2012 book “To Heaven and back”. In 1999 she had a kayaking incident. Her kayak flipped over and she was pinned underwater for anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes.

During that time she found herself among God, Jesus and angels in the heavens. God told her that he has to return her to help her family through hard times, and more specifically her son’s death. She wasn’t told when that would happen, but she knew her son Willie is going to die.

She was rescued from the kayak, and woke up in the hospital with broken limbs and problems in the lungs. She had to spend six weeks in a wheelchair, before she could move on with her live. And she did move on hoping for this memory to be a mere dream. But ten years later, Willie died in a car accident, and it was clear to hear that this is what she was warned about.

Mary is quite convinced that Jesus himself helped her while she was trapped underwater, until rescuers managed to get her ashore.

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