10 Extraordinary Near-Death Experiences Described By Survivors

#7. Elizabeth Taylor

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Next up on our list is a celebrity, none other but Elizabeth Taylor. While being interviewed by Larry King live on CNN and ABS news, she spoke of her near death experience in the late 50’s. She recalled passing through a tunnel towards a bright light. She describes meeting the spirit of Michael Todd, her third husband who tragically died in a plane crash. Mike was her big love, and she really wanted to stay with him. But his spirit told her that she has a lot more work waiting for her and pushed her back to life.

She remembers the moment when she woke and saw eleven people in the room that had already pronounced her dead and put her death notice on the wall. The medical team witnessed her testimonial of the near death experience, but after that she kept quiet about it for quite some time, because it sounded really weird.
It is a good thing she decided to share it with Larry, and of course with us.

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#8. Brought back by her daughter’s cries

Carol Page near death collect

Carol Page is a 70 year old retired nurse living in Pertshire, Scotland. A mother of three, and a survivor of a near death experience.

She gone through painstaking labor, delivering her daughter, when things went terribly wrong and she was on the brink of death. She remembers her baby being taken away, and the doctors doing CPR on her. Then suddenly all the pain stopped and she found herself floating above her own body. She could still hear the voices of the medical staff, but none of the panic in the room could reach her, she felt perfectly calm surrounded gentle pink and white colors.

She really wanted to stay in this pain free place, but she heard the cries of her newborn daughter and she immediately realized that she has to come back. Then she heard a voice “Christ, she’s back”, and she was back her body. The pink and white color have gone and everything was covered in red and black, and the pain was back.

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A few hours later, while holding her daughter Rachel in her arms, she felt relieved. She thought she was going to lose both herself and the baby, but thankfully it all turned all right.

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9. Betty Eadie’s trip to heaven and the library of knowledge

One of the most detailed stories of a near death experience is that of Betty Eadie. At the age of 31 she underwent partial-hysterectomy surgery. There were complications and Betty was clinically dead for quite a long time. She describes how she was released from her body and stood before three angels who told her that she has died before her time has come, and she will be returned. She recalls traveling through many places, eventually passing through a dark tunnel. Seeing the light in the end, she believes that was Jesus himself.

She claims, that while in heaven she found a library containing all the knowledge in this world. Her story sparked a lot of controversy as it nearly perfectly matched many other NDE accounts, and the description of the library seemed very similar to that of the legendary Akashic Records.

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#10. Blind people can see during a NDE

Our next story is that of Vicki Umipeg, as described by Dr. Kenneth Ring’s and Sharon Cooper’s study on the near death experiences of blind people. The results of that study are included in their book “Mindsight”.

Vicki is a unique subject that has been blind her entire life. Her optic nerve was severely damaged due to excess oxygen in the incubator she was placed in as a newborn. She spent her entire life in darkness, yet she was able to describe her near death experience with a lot of detail that is beyond the perception of a blind person.

As with many other people, Vicki found herself floating above herself near the ceiling of the operating room. What was different is that she could see for the first time in her life (well maybe not exactly “in her life”).

She observed a doctor and a nurse working over a body, which she came to realize is her. She noticed the fine details such as her slim figure, a gold band on her finger, her father’s and her own wedding rings. She was even able to notice the fine incrustation on the ring, which are orange blossoms.

It is quite remarkable to get such a detailed description of details that can only be perceived by sight from a blind person that was clinically dead.

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