21 Unexplained Mysterious Facts That Will NEVER Be Explained!

There are some things that no one, even scientists, can’t explain. Unfortunately most likely they will never be explained. We made this list of facts that will NEVER be explained facts. Enjoy!

#1. Scientists still don’t know why lots of us have different types of blood

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It was in the early 1900s that different blood types were discovered by Karl Landsteiner, and whilst there are some explanations as to why we get those types, we still don’t know why we have them in the first place.

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#2. One thundercloud forms every day in Australia

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There is the same thundercloud which forms in the afternoon of almost every day from September to March every year. At a height of about 20 kilometres, caused by sea breezes, it is unknown what really causes this same thundercloud.

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#3. Chilean ghost town skeleton

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A weird looking skeleton was found outside this Chilean ghost town. The unexplained part comes from that this is in fact a human skeleton, but looking at it, no scientist could tell you why it’s got such a weird shape and form.

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#4. Almost 100 planes disappeared over 70 years

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The missing Malaysian airliner story is not isolated. It’s said that this has happened almost 100 times over the last 70 years, without any of the wreckage being found. No one can find out why, or where these planes have got to!

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#5. Two men abducted by aliens

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Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson were abducted by aliens with claws for hands. Although you may think this is made up, they told the same stories whilst being separated, and Charles even successfully took a polygraph test!

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Written by Patrick Bennet

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