After Switching From Estimated To Actual Water Meter Readings, The City Of Brockton Billed A Woman $100,000

Back in 2009 a woman named Ayanna YanceyCato from Brockton got a $100k US dollars water bill. From there she went on to fight with City Hall for two years with the resolve to have her bill corrected. Finally, in 2011, in the nick of time, she was able to settle with the city just before a state Appellate Tax Board hearing on the situation was scheduled to begin.

It took the city two years to get Ayanna’s water bill properly calculated. In the end it turned out it had been off by around 94 000$.

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In the hot summer in 2009 , YanceyCato gets shocked by the strange 100 000 dollar bill at the city’s water billing scandal for the long 12-month period of time. She might have found out sooner had someone come to take the correct readings of her home’s water meter.

Luckily, a year later, the enormous bill of 100 000 dollars was reduced by the city to 17 grand, however, that was still not satisfactory.

City Solicitor Phillip Nessralla was the hand she grabbed for help. They came to an agreement on the controversial topic before the news was even heard by the state’s Appellate Tax Board. And we are talking about an agreement for a far less shocking bill.

The final sum , way more reasonable, amounted to 3 400$ which is basically 20% of the city’s reduced bill. 45 days were supposed to be completely enough to pay. Once it was all resolved, the 17,5k $ lien would disappear off YanceyCato’s property tax.

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The agreement was accepted during the delay of the YanceyCato 9:30 am case. Thе lag was an opportunity for the parties to exchange a few last words in order to look over the unsolved details of the case.
The tax board hearing room wasn’t supposed to become as chaotic as it did, but the hall outside got filled with conversations, becoming a stressful parade for those who had joined it –  Nessralla, YanceyCato, Michael Thoreson and Councilor Michelle DuBois.Now here is the situation.

Nessralla , on the one hand, considered the sum of 3400 dollars as a reasonable decision. To be precise, he said it would be a figure that both sides should be able to live with and not another version of the woman’s bill. Would that be enough to assure all sides of the disputable conversation ?

Thoreson, on the other hand, refused to say a word on the decision.

YanceyCato waited on an agreement to her and Mr Nessralla’s proposal, as she actually thought the 3400 dollars were supposed to have been the final sum of her bill for the worth of the used water for the last two years before the installation of the new meter in her house. For calculating the total, she says she used the readings on the new meter for the whole first year. Unfortunately, those kinds of adventures are not really pleasant for the victim of a 100 000 dollar bill.

The proposal was acceptable. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it took 2 years to stand up face to face with the truth. Ayanna YanceyCato found herself in confusion of the delay. What they did is what she had wanted for a long time…since 2009.

Phillip Nessralla isn’t way different as he admitted he had received the case recently ,so any negotiations were still incoming and vague until they went to the Law Department. Nessralla also disclosed he didn’t know what happened between the woman and the Department of Public Works. He said things had seemed to look different after another overall analysis.

Even though it seems like a happy end, for YanceyCato it wasn’t. She might have been content of the final win but in the end she admits it cost her a lot. The woman felt unable to get back the time she lost, remove the medical issues this “battle” brought and resolve other problems that waited to be dealt with.
YanceyCato spoke about how she had known that the city had to arrange fully so her story doesn’t get to the ears of the board. However, the mayor, a woman named Linda Balzotti  didn’t think it was shameful that the news had reached the tax panel.

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