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11 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better For Good

5. Hear Better In a loud place

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If you’re ever tried to have a conversation with someone in a loud room, you have likely had a hard time picking up everything they were saying. You probably cupped your hand over your ear to try to hear them better, but it just doesn’t work very well. They this neat hack next time. Press down on your tragus. What is that, you ask? The little flap at the from of your ear that covers the opening. When you press it, it cancels out the peripheral sounds.

6. No more heartburn

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If you suffer from heartburn at night, you know how miserable it can be. The tossing and turning. The getting up and down to eat antacid after antacid. The burning in your throat and the sheer fact that you can’t sleep for anything. The solution is simple. Lay on your left side and try to stay there. It’s the least likely position to allow your stomach acid travel up your esophagus and keep you up all night.

7. Stop a nosebleed

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Nosebleeds can be super annoying. If you have ever had one, you might have been instructed to lean your head back until it stops. That actually just causes it to run down your throat. To stop the flow next time, lean forward slightly and pinch the bridge of your nose, right above your nostrils for about five minutes. You’ll see that it works much better.

8. Ease Anxiety

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If you suffer from the debilitating effects of anxiety, I’m sorry. It’s such a bad feeling when everything seems so crazy and you can’t breathe or think straight. This hack might seem crazy, but it helps a lot. The next time you feel the symptoms creeping up, just place your thumb in your mouth and blow into it. Feel the tightness and panic ease off.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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