Jay-Z Admitted Being Unfaithful To Beyoncé

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It was about time that Jay Z finally admitted to cheating on his wife, Beyonce, and he did it in a very interesting way. On top of that, the rapper also admitted that their family was close to the breaking up, but they started couples therapy sessions and that helped them a lot.

The new album from the hip-hop idol is called 4:44 and contains a few hints that the rapper had been cheating on Beyonce. She also included such hints in her album Lemonade, but until now, nothing was officially confirmed by anyone. 

One of the main problems, as Jay Z himself revealed in New York Times interview, was that he completely turned off his emotions at one point, and he pushed Beyonce away, realizing he was struggling with past issues. He said that he went into a kind of survival mode to deal with the harsh feelings, and then he felt that shutting down all of his emotions was the only way he thought he could survive.

As he confessed, such an emotional state is particularly deep, and when he shut down and became emotionally inaccessible to his own wife, that is when cheating came into the picture.

Though he admitted the infidelity, Jay Z chose to remain silent about the name of the woman he cheated on his wife with, and the only clue we have is Beyonce’s reference in the Lemonade album, where she called her “Becky with the good hair”. 

They look happily married.

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Jay Z talked a bit more about the divorce that the couple managed to evade with the help of some therapy. He said they were on the edge, but having three children and nine years together, they decided it was not worth letting go just yet. He added that the hardest moment in life for him was to see the pain that he caused written on someone’s face, and then accepting the fault. Despite everything, he decided that he was not going to walk away like most people would do, and therefore would not contribute to the growing divorce rate.

The rapper also mentioned his relationship with Kanye West, which is apparently a bit complicated in his own words.
The tension between them had been piling up for some time, but it escalated a year ago, when Jay Z decided to drop West’s contribution to his album, and Kanye responded immediately by pulling out all of his tracks from Tidal, a music streaming service owned by Jay Z.

However, Jay Z claims that the two of them have settled everything between them and he even said that he called Kanye the other day just to say to him that he is like a brother to him and that he loves him. A very sweet thing to do, indeed, and it clearly shows his affection for Kanye. 

The competition between them on a professional level is likely to put some strain on their bond at times, but it is quite normal, since they are among the biggest names in show business. Nevertheless, Kanye West became famous under Jay Z’s label and, as Beyonce’s husband has stated himself, they would always be like brothers with a little difference in age and experience.

Jay Z added that he and Kanye have always respected each other, too. But the bottom line is that they both want to be the best in the world, which is not possible, and that is probably one of the main sources for the strain in their partnership and in their friendship. Seems like Jay Z was right – things really are complicated between the two legends, but all is good if it ends well. 

The other exciting fact Jay Z has revealed is that he and Beyonce are currently working on a joint album, which is supposed to be introduced before their separate confessional projects. 
He was asked whether he and Beyonce had previously talked about mentioning personal issues in their work, but Jay Z denied, claiming that it felt more like a part of the therapy, and to get even better results out of it, they started creating music together. 

Clearly, one of the most popular couples in the world went through some dark times, but their love for music and for each other proved to be stronger. We hope the new album is released to great success and may all the problems between them remain in the past.

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