11 Real Posts By Chronic Overpackers That Will Make You Go ‘Oh, That’s So Me’

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We understand that it is important for a person to carefully pack for their holiday trip, regardless of the destination and the time they will spend there. Still, there are people who always seem to overdo it and they put a lot more stuff than they would actually need. As the list below suggests, chronic overpacking is no joke and it is a serious matter. We guess that have a light form of this condition. The tweets below show how some people who are well aware they have a problem with overpacking and they share their experience.

1. The exercise outfits

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This is surely one of the most common mistakes people make when packing their bags. It seems that, for some reason, we think that we will actually visit a gym once we arrive at our destination. It appears that this person knows about the problem but she does it every single time despite that. We must admit that we do that as well and we think that it is better to have our sports outfits with us instead of wanting to train but not having something appropriate to wear.

2. The bras

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It seems that ladies are the ones who tend to overpack more compared to men. We have all seen that joke that says how a woman has a different towel for every body part while a man uses only one towel and he rotates it while paying attention to where each end goes. As you can see, this tweet is funny because it shows how even something as simple as a bra can turn into a huge burden when you pack your bags.

3. The hours

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People sometimes don’t have a problem with overpacking, at least not at first. In this case, one man shared his experience with packing misfortunes. He seems to have a really interesting solution to the changes in his style, whether they were needed or not. His agenda means only one thing: he would always have to overpack when he heads home. He obviously did the same thing multiple times.

4. The list

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People underestimate the power of having a simple plan even for basic things like a packing list. There are things that we always need to include in our list and we guess that we should always start with the footwear if we need to have a comfortable stay. In this case, one person obviously has a problem with that and we guess that nobody needs four evening gowns regardless of where they are heading to.

5. The practical person

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Now, this is a person who really understands fine sarcasm. We genuinely believe that trying to think ahead is what gives certain people the advantage. With this person, practicality is kind of twisted, because we think that they tend to overpack simply because they think of themselves as practical people. As you can see, nobody would need such fancy items because they take too much space and nobody would probably need them, too.

6. The outfits

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Here is yet another tweet that reveals someone’s issues with packing. We guess that this is one of the most relatable posts on the list as well. As you can see, this person packs way too many outfits for a short trip and never wears them. Spending your whole trip wearing one and the same outfit is usually what we all do and we carry other clothing only to have full bags with us.

7. The hotel

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Most people think that overpacking is related to a really wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear. In this tweet, one person revealed another side of what overpacking leads to: carrying unnecessary items and gadgets around. Even the cheapest hotels nowadays have hairdryers but this person wanted to have one, just in case. This is an unnecessary addition to one’s bags.

8. The pages

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This person is surely certain she needs to get rid of all the problems related to overpacking she has. As you can see, she compared her daily agenda with the plans she makes each time she needs to travel to any destinaton. She is well aware of the overpacking issues she has but she seems to be done trying to do anything about them.

9. The clothes

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We are sure that most people who know they always overpack are not willing to do anything about it and they even find excuses about not doing the right thing. In this case, one person had the best excuse about bringing all their clothes to every trip.

10. The items

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We know that there are many things we need to bring with us when we go on a trip and one of those things is surely the variety of entertaining gadgets and items listed in this tweet. Needless to say, we hardly use any of them.

11. The normal life

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Well, this might be a bit too excessive but we still think that it is also the kind of thing that explains perfectly why most people overpack. They always think that they will need a lot more clothes than they need on a daily basis when they follow their usual routine but they hardly ever do.

Written by Sven Miller

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