16 People Who Went Out For A Drink And Regretted It Later

Image Source: Reddit

1. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

To be honest, this is not the kind of thing we would regret after we remember last night. This person adopted a cat while being really drunk and it seems that they found a really good friend to hang out with!

2. The phone

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is not an actual phone but you can already see that. However, the person who tried to charge this chocolate bar while drunk needs to use this moment as a reminder to drink responsively.

3. The drums

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really creative idea. We never knew that some people’s talents were only showing when they had a few drinks. It seems this person really made a drum kit out of some cocktail stirrers.

4. The special order

Image Source: Reddit

Some drunk people make funny jokes and this person is no exception. He ordered Domino’s but specified that he wanted McDonald’s on the side. The Domino guy delivered, obviously.

5. The lady in the kitchen

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some people only become funnier once they get drunk. This lady is among those people. She pealed all these potatoes and aligned them in a line, sorted by size.

6. The purchase

Image Source: Twitter

Many people get involved in drunk shopping and they regret it in most cases. This person decided it was time for a new shower curtain and we don’t know how we feel about it.

7. The ostrich

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about drunk purchases, this one must be the worst of them all. Having a new shower curtain is one thing but buying an ostrich is a completely different story.

8. The painting

Image Source: Reddit

We already mentioned that some people’s talents are only shown when they are drunk, which is a shame. This person has some really impressive painting skills and they should be proud of themselves.

9. The doggo

Image Source: Reddit

Some people show love and affection when they are drunk but other are actually not that into cuddling after a few drinks – what they want is some serious amusement. A wife dressed the family dog like this and sang the Jurassic Park theme while her husband took this photo.

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10. The shoes

Image Source: Reddit

Most people tend to misplace important items when they get drunk and that is sometimes a huge problem. This person was probably really surprised to discover his shoes in the fridge the next morning.

11. The apology

Image Source: Reddit

People make mistakes and we know that everyone is prone to making something they could regret later. One man tried to enter the wrong house after peeing on the porch. He sent this apology later.

12. The alpaca

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a photo one person discovered a day after he and his friends got really drunk in a small town. Somehow, these people managed to find an alpaca and took a selfie with it. The animal seems to be happy with the attention.

13. The bagel seeds

Image Source: Twitter

Some friends decided to have a few drinks while out of town and they eventually got to doing this: labeling stuff. They found this jar at the Airbnb place they stayed at and labeled it properly.

14. The family event

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that some fathers are not able to give their kids the best example. This dad, however, showed his daughter that even older people can still have fun. Her daughter is behind him, by the way.

15. The charger

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an image shared by one girlfriend. Her boy came home late and he was reportedly very drunk. His girl noticed how he tried to charge his phone and we are glad she took a photo of it.

16. The drunk test

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is pretty creative. I wonder if I would pass or fail the test as well.

Written by Sven Miller

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