17 Times People Reached Their Top Goal And Were Happier Than Ever

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There is no other feeling like the moment you realize your dream has come true. Every person in the list below was able to achieve the thing that they wanted the most in life. Whenever we get to see such moments, we feel inspired and we also think about our own dreams. As you can see below, it does not matter what you want – there is no limit to one’s dreams. What matters is the end result and achieving your goals.

1. The lottery

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We think that doing what it takes is sometimes not enough when it comes to your goals. You need a lot of luck and this is not up to you. In this case, the toddler you see was able to win the kids’ lottery and you can see his pure joy!

2. The gains

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Everyone has their own personal goal that is sometimes so secret that even their closest ones are not aware of it. In this case, the boy you see really wanted to gain some muscle. After lots of hard work, the first results are obvious. Bravo!

3. The man

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Here is how one man lived the dream after he worked hard behind the counter at his food truck. Eventually, everyone got to taste his food, and here he is, posing with the article about him winning a prize for “the best French fries”.

4. The miracle

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This person defied all odds after making full recovery. A sports injury developed into a severe condition affecting his brain and he had to undergo heavy medical procedures but he made it. He survived and married the love of his life.

5. The inventor

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Here is yet another man who is definitely happy and proud to be standing there. He is smiling because he was finally able to see his product on the shelves. His toy set was his invention which cost him years to develop.

6. The wife

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We firmly believe that even though parents love their kids more than anything, there comes a time when they simply want their lives back. It appears that this woman was super excited to send her last kid to kindergarten, meaning that she would spend the day child-free at home.

7. The college girl

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This person is the living proof that it is never too late to do whatever you wanted your whole life. In this photo, you can see her holding a sign. She was super excited to live through her first day of college at the age of 65.

8. The weight loss

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After turning 70, this man finally decided to take care of himself and began shedding weight. He lost over 70 lbs in about a year and he felt more lively than ever before. You can see he looks much better and happier, too.

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9. The cure

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You could hardly see a more wholesome image. As the sign in the picture above reads, this cutie was happy to undergo her final chemotherapy! We could not be happier to see that a young soul will get to have a life.

10. The dream

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Here is yet another person who got to do what she always dreamed of doing. After years of delay, she finally took the decision to go skydiving and she has been doing this for a full year. It is obvious that she is super excited to do it.

11. The transformation

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This person has spent a lifetime feeling down because of not being able to express their true self. As you can see, once this happened, the person felt much more comfortable, calm, and happy – you can tell that.

12. The marathon

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Here is how happy this person is after running a marathon. She was not prepared for such an event and she spent months training hard for it. As you can see, she completed the marathon after her hard work paid off.

13. The step

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Here is how one determined person took his first step after nearly eight months of extensive recovery. It seems that he will take many more steps in the years to come because he is on the road to full recovery.

14. The climb

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Here is how one person looks like after seven hours of climbing Kilimanjaro. The freezing winds and the exhausting route did not stop this man from living the dream. You can see the proud look in his eyes.

15. The father

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Here is a special moment that has a backstory. This father was almost completely paralyzed a year before the photo was taken. He made a full recovery and got the chance to live a long and happy life.

16. The baby

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Here is how a couple who had slim chances of having a baby finally did it and they are expecting a child. This is how miracles happen if you have faith in them.

17. The condition

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Now, this is one of the best things we have seen lately. This woman was able to give birth to a perfectly healthy child despite her having epilepsy.

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