12 People Who Died Imitating Superheroes

4. The Death of a Batman

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You have probably heard the story about the man who loved to dress as Batman and travel around to children’s hospitals to cheer up the sick kids.

Lynyrd Robinson, 51 years old, was often referred to as the route 29 Batman, spent his days visiting hospitals in West Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.

One night in 2015, as he was traveling home in his Batmobile, he started having some engine trouble. He pulled over to the side of Interstate 70 to check and see if he could figure out what was wrong. While he was looking, a Toyota Camry hit his car, killing him.

What a sad story about such a good man.

5. Child dies in sandbox

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Marvel and DC Universe rule here in the West, but there is one on this tragic list that hails from Japan, the character Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is a young ninja, so it stands to reason that little kids would want to be like him, too.

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Sand is a component of the series about this child ninja, being used for many different things. One of the uses is for concealment, and 10 year old Codey Porter, of Washington State, was buried in one foot of sand by his friends while pretending to be Naruto.

He began to struggle but his playmates didn’t think it was real. When they finally realized he needed help, he had stopped breathing. CPR was done and he was revived, but lost his life two days later.

6. He wanted to fly like Superman

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Julian Roman was 9 years old when he died trying to fly like Superman. One day, in 2001, this little boy attempted to jump between two buildings and lost his life.

He went to the roof of his building in Bedford Park and readied himself for the four foot jump over the alley below.

When he jumped, he yelled “look, I’m Superman!” Sadly, he fell five stories to his death. The impact was so loud that it drew people outside to see a horrific sight.

The boy died from internal injuries at a local hospital later that day.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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