12 People Who Died Imitating Superheroes

7. Superman Dupatta cape Death

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In Mumbai, India, an 11 year old boy tragically lost his life when he was emulating his favorite superhero, Superman.

He pretended he was flying along with his 6 year old brother, but it ended in tragedy. He used his mom’s dupatta, which is a scarf that is shawl like and is worn by many South Asian women. He fell while wearing it and was choked to death by it.

His mom wasn’t home when the incident occurred, as she went to town to buy vegetables. His younger brother was too small to help.

After being transported to two different hospitals, it was clear he wouldn’t make it and he died in the second one.

8. Foster child Superman game Murder

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This story is tragic in a way the others on this list haven’t been.

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Two year old Stanley Karl Thomas lll was killed by his foster father, former pastor Torace Weaver in 2015.

Weaver first claimed the boy fell. The coroner found evidence of over 20 head injuries, a burned arm and wounds to his back.

After those revelations, Torace claimed he was merely playing the Superman game with the tot, flying him through the air when he accidentally hit his head on the corner of the wall.

He was charged with murder and his wife was charged with child endangerment. Rest In Peace, little Stanley.

9. Shaktimaan Spinning

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Reshmi Roy was a 9 year old girl in Calcutta, India. In 2004, she died while pretending to spin like her favorite Indian superhero, Shaktimaan.

Her siblings had gone out to buy sweets, and her uncle, who was in charge while her parents worked, was working in the kitchen.

She hung a gamcha (traditional Indian towel) on the rafters and tied it around her body, and jumped, hoping to spin like her hero.

Instead, she was choked by the towel. By the time she was discovered by her siblings, it was too late. They ran to their uncle, who cut her down, but she had already passed.

Her parents, Pramila and Sona, were so affected by the death of their daughter that Sona became mute for a while.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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