12 People Who Died Imitating Superheroes

10. Accidental Homemade Noose

Image Source: Orbacles

A 12 year old boy in Howrah, India is the next lost soul on the list.

Vishal Hela loves all things superhero and wrestling. Typical little boy. He lived in the staff quarters at Howrah General hospital and after watching tv one day, decided to duplicate a stunt he had watched.

He fashioned a wire with a loop on the end to swing from, and somehow got his head caught in it and strangled to death when it tightened around his neck.

His grandmother discovered his lifeless body when she got off work that evening.

11. Escalator Death

Image Source: Twitter

Just this year, a 29 year old woman fell from an escalator in the transit hub of the World Trade Center. She was in the “Oculus” which is the main station of the hub.

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According to those who witnessed the incident, she had been observed pretending to fly like a superhero while lying in the prone position on the handrail of the escalator.

Jenny Santos was 29 years old and was supposed to be traveling to New Jersey with her twin sister later that day.

She died from blunt trauma to the head as a result of hitting the marble floor when she fell.

12. Dominick Andujar – A Real life superhero

Image Source: DailyMail/Twitter/Facebook

Dominick Andujar is a real life superhero.

In 2012, Dominick was home with his siblings while his mother recovered from surgery in the hospital.

Osvaldo Rivera broke into the home and began to sexually assault Dominick’s younger sister, Amber. Dominick awoke to his sister’s protests.

He immediately went to his sister’s rescue. Rivera had slashed her throat, but she was able to run outside for help due to her brother’s bravery.

Dominick was killed by the intruder.

His diary, found at school, proved poignant to his family. In it, he wrote that he was a superhero and he saved people. Wow.

Rivera was sentenced to 110 years in jail.

These stories a very tragic. Such a sad thing to know that death has occurred so many times from simply wanting to be a superhero. The obsession will live on. I just hope we don’t hear of any more tragedies as a result.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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