12 Things You Definitely Missed In JIGSAW (SPOILER)

7. The pig farm carries a lot of plot significance, not just symbolic meaning

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It goes by the name “Dale Tuck’s pig farm”. We can safely assume that Dale must have been Jill Tuck’s father, Jill being Jigsaw’s ex-wife. This explains the killer’s free access to the place and also shows where he gets all of his heavy duty gear from. A lot of tools that can be found in such places can be seen in one of the traps in the movie such as pitchforks, saw blades and knives. We can even see a bunch of old traps used in the previous movies like the “Angel trap” from the third movie, the reverse bear trap from the first one, the drowning box from “Saw” 5 and a few others.

8. One of the new traps we see is the “Human blender”.

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One of the characters in the movie, Eleanor, claims that this trap was used in a game once but the bodies were never found and that’s hinted to being the truth since the scene we see is set before the first movie and we never find the participants later on. What’s interesting is that another character, Lt. Nelson, believes that the design was just never used. This is actually an easter egg because the idea for this contraption is quite old, with the creators having thought of using it back in the third film as the trap with which to kill the judge, but went for something else in the end so it really was a design that was never used. The creators have even spoken about it publicly, making this an interesting secret for the hardcore fans.

9. More pigs

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As I already said, the new movie works towards building up the meaning behind the pig symbol in Jigsaw’s activities. He describes swine as being very compassionate creatures which explains why his followers wear the masks and clears up the vision he has for humanity and the world as he punishes the people he considers selfish. He wants a world populated by compassionate people, who are never selfish. His wish can be described as desiring a Utopia, which as we know, never works in real-life or in fiction. After all, the meaning of the word is “a place which does not exist”.

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10. Leopards

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More animal symbolism can be seen in the movie, as Eleanor is seen wearing a leopard-print jacket towards the end of the film. These predators are natural enemies of different hogs and boar. She works in law enforcement but we can clearly notice her fascination with Jigsaw’s work. It’s very hard to miss her little messed up smile whenever Jigsaw is brought up. The same way a predator is fascinated by its prey.

11. One of the more hinted secrets is that the game we see in the farm is actually set in the past.

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In fact, it’s one of the more noticeable twists as it has been used by the franchise before. Some of the hints we can see are how the contestants never mention the name Jigsaw, which we believe is because he was still unknown at the time and nobody referred to him with that name. In fact, he has never referred to himself as “Jigsaw”, saying that the name was a product of the media as a way to label him. The final hint is that we never actually see any of the characters later on or in the previous movies, making it seem as if this trap was more of a test, before he had decided to show his work to the world. These victims were some of his first, but not THE first, as we can see blood on one of the buckets before the bloodbath had even begun.

12. Finally, this Easter egg is actually quite older than the movie

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Before “Jigsaw” came out, most people thought that the franchise had ended with the seventh movie (especially considering it was called “The Final Chapter”). However, the possibility of an eighth film was actually teased back in 2010, when the creators of the series published another movie, “Insidious”. During a scene there, the more observant of watchers may have noticed a drawing of Jigsaw’s iconic doll on a chalkboard with the number eight beneath it. This just goes to show that “Saw” never left the minds of its creators, they simply took their time with the latest one.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. A quick list of secrets you can use to look smart in front of your friends, family and other hardcore fans of the franchise. Of course, every movie of this franchise needs to be watched more than once to be fully understood, so I advise you, as one “Saw” fanboy to another-watch it again and share your findings too! Until then, live or die, make your choice.

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