12 Times People Acted As Bold As Possible

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Most people admire individuals who show character no matter what the situation is! Showing the right attitude regardless of the circumstances is definitely the best thing to do! Of course, sometimes people seem to push things too far or cross the line in terms of what’s appropriate and what’s not. However, most of these situations are also amusing to see, which is why you would probably like the following list a lot! It contains photos showing people that created something bold or behaved in such a way!

1. They say that it is all about the presentation

Image Source: Reddit

We have always believed in the above statement! The perfect presentation matters in every possible situation you could think of! After all, you have only one chance to make a good first impression. The dish in the photo might not look like much, but even a few fillet or bacon strips can look like a real gourmet dinner. This is why this effort counts as a bold move and we like the arrangement a lot! You might say that it doesn’t matter how the food looks like, but you would be wrong. You see, you feed with your eyes, too. The good arrangement helps you enjoy the food more, which is nice.

2. This sounds like one mean plan

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If you work in a big corporation, chances are that you have already noticed how people behave different based upon their goals. Some of them are really pushing hard despite not loving what they do, while others simply try to make a good impression without making much of an effort. There is also the kind of people who despise their bosses. The person who came up with this clever plan probably felt the same way and thought that this would be nice way to get even with them. However, there is one thing that we don’t get. If you actually glue a bee to your hand and slap someone, wouldn’t you get hurt, too? It doesn’t seem that this is a good plan at all.

3. This situation is probably a bit too much

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We get that some people always want to feel extra! Of course, this is not a problem in most cases. We get that certain individuals feel the urge to shine! They often give their best at it, but the results are controversial. If you want to state that you are good at something, you can demonstrate it in a number of ways. However, we guess that the person from the photo above had a rather controversial idea. We think that he should try a different approach.

4. This stop sign triggered a conversation

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Sometimes people try to convince the others in their own beliefs. The often try to express their point of through some kind of a process or a campaign. Putting stickers and signs in public places is definitely one of the ways that this could work. However, the person who put the first sticker on this stop sign probably did not expect to trigger a conversation. As you can see, someone added a sign with their own point of view, which is a bold move! Everyone is free to believe what they want and one person’s preferences should not be turned into a goal for everyone else to follow. As we all know, a lot of people try to convince their friends and family to follow a certain trend or to believe in something that they have no relation to. This is just not the right kind of attitude and such people are annoying in most of the time.

5. Some instructions need no caption

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We have seen all kinds of bizarre instructions and manuals before, but this one tops them all! As you can see, someone took their time to create a couple of pictures showing the right and the wrong way to start a campfire. We laughed a lot when we saw this funny instruction, because it is totally ridiculous. Nobody would attempt to start a fire with a fart! It seems that the creator of this instruction did not want to risk it, which is definitely an extra effort.

6. This woman chose the best BBQ outfit

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Here is a photo that raises a few questions. We have no idea if the matching dress was simply a coincidence or the woman decided to wear it on purpose, but whatever the case was, she is definitely brave and did what she wanted. Even if this happened by chance, she showed character by not changing her outfit, despite the fact that she literally blends with the table cover.

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7. Most people just use air fresheners

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One of most common thing in every vehicle is the air freshener that usually hangs from the rearview mirror. Of course, a lot of people like to hang all kinds of different things from the rearview mirror like different souvenirs and even sunglasses. However, we have never seen someone hang a sausage before! There might be a reason for this, but we cannot guess it. You can be sure that the sausage probably has a specific aroma that made the whole car smell like a BBQ.

8. This is really funny and kind of sad, too

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was able to create something like a comic out of a Joker meme. We find it to be really funny! As you can see, a woman was so frightened to ride the roller coaster that she literally grabbed the man in front of her and stretched his face! This was the thing that associates the other images to the Joker meme. The clever idea resulted in this short comic. However, seeing Heath Ledger made us feel nostalgic and sad, because we miss him. He was a very interesting person and had a talent which is indescribable! We were really sad when we heard that he passed away at an early age. It is also a shame that Ledger was not the Joker in the third Batman movie created by Christopher Nolan.

9. This is not how you should improvise when your laptop goes for maintenance

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Working in most professional fields today requires the use of a laptop. This is an essential tool without the use of which little to nothing could be done. This is the reason why most professionals hate the times when their laptops need to go for maintenance or repairs. People who are used to working with a laptop all day feel like their hands are tied up! However, this person decided to improvise and created a handcrafted substitute! Of course, this mock-up is not good any kind of job, but at least the desk is not that empty and it looks ridiculous, which would definitely make everyone at the office smile or laugh.

10. Jason Momoa is really funny and proves it often

Image Source: The Chive

Jason Momoa looks stunning as Aquaman, but his image is also fierce, of course! He always makes a remarkable appearance whatever he tackles on! His performance is on high professional level and we admire him for that! But the best thing about him is definitely his personality! He is an open-minded and funny person who always knows how to make people talk. He even decided to show that the original is always better than the doll and removed its head for this photo! It might not look like much, but it shows his attitude and is a statement that he is the best. We definitely agree with that and we are also looking forward to his next great role!

11. This is the most insane product we have seen in a while

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First of all, we need to ask how this could be real. What kind of person would try and make their toddler struggle to walk? We know that most toddlers should be tamed every now and then, but nobody actually does it. These devices are basically ankle strap-on weights which are supposed to prevent the kid from running. We consider this to be a bold idea, but it is also inappropriate! Nobody would do such a cruel thing to a little kid.

12. This sign messes with your mind

Image Source: The Chive

Yes, we fell for this, too. The top row has a couple of words mixed up, but we were still able to read the whole thing correctly. We guess that most people did the same! This little trick reveals the amazing way the human brain works. It seems that the brain has a lot of secrets that we have yet to discover. It is scientifically proven that your mind’s perception is greater than you might think. Your eyes’ perception might be limited, but the brain has a fast processing function and even though some letters or words are mixed up, you are still able to read everything. We hope that one day humankind has enough knowledge about the mysteries of the human body and more particularly the brain.

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