11 Examples Of Customers Who Were Kind Of Silly

It isn’t nice to call people dumb. Everyone does stupid things once in a while, after all.
Of course, there are those people who constantly do dumb things. You end up wondering how they somehow managed to reach adulthood.

Dumb people are great on television. Their antics can be amusing. For example, Joey was one of the more endearing characters on the sitcom “Friends”.

However, dumb people aren’t so charming in real life. They can be very irritating, especially if you have to deal with them in a professional setting.

Here are twelve amusing examples of customers who were kind of dumb.

1. The Person Who Does Not Understand How Scanners Work

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I do not know what I would have done if I had had to interact with that person. It would have been hard to keep my mouth shut. This sort of person is practically begging to be made fun of.

I know several people—mostly older people—who aren’t great with technology. I have an aunt, for example, who routinely calls me for assistance when she needs to do something online. She is pushing 70, though, and a nun. I have to give her a pass there. Also, the questions aren’t really stupid; she just never had much of a reason to learn the internet. She doesn’t do social media, and she only sends emails once in a while.

The customer in this case, though, is dumb. Did this customer truly think you can scan a black and white document and it could insert color? How could anyone possibly think that?

I wonder if the customer ever figured out just how wrong she was and apologized to the employee. I am guessing the answer to that question is no. Really dumb people seem incapable of admitting that they are wrong.

2. The Peanut Allergy

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If this customer thinks that someone who works at an ice cream shop can make peanuts safe to consume for someone who is allergic to peanuts, he or she is out of her mind—either that or she thinks people who work at ice cream shops have magical powers. Personally, I wish they could make ice cream fat and calorie free. If they could manage to do so, I would eat a lot more ice cream.
As anyone who has one knows, peanut allergies can be really serious. Also, it is worth nothing that food allergies typically start when you are a kid, but they can develop at any point throughout one’s life.

Peanut allergies can kill due to anaphylaxis; symptoms of anaphylaxis include airway constriction, a rapid pulse, and dizziness.

Other symptoms of an allergy to peanuts include hives, digestive problems, and a runny nose.

If you think you might be allergic to peanuts, you should consult with a physician immediately. Peanuts are everywhere, after all.

3. The Old Woman and the Plane

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This poor old lady clearly doesn’t know how planes work. If you’re on a commercial flight flying 30,000 feet in the air and a window is opened somehow, you are probably in a lot of trouble.

Still, it is always adorable and completely understandable when elderly people get a bit confused. That’s just how life works. If an old woman is confused, I can certainly be patient. If a 25-year-old had said that, I would have rolled my eyes and given up on humanity altogether.

I think it is sweet that the elderly woman is going to get her hair done before the flight; she’s probably off to see someone special and wants to look her best.

4. The Person in the Wheelchair

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At first, the customer was probably trying to be nice. I try to be as courteous as possible when in a grocery store. It isn’t rude to ask the elderly, infirmed, and disabled if they need a bit of assistance. Some of them may take it the wrong way, though, but there’s nothing wrong with making an effort.
This conversation got very ugly, and it did so quite quickly. If you ask someone if they need help and they say “no”, then you should smile, nod, and walk away. That’s just common etiquette.

You don’t try to grab another person’s cart. You also don’t insult them, which this customer did. It doesn’t need to be stated that many disabled people manage to accomplish life’s tasks quite well without any help at all.

What was with the “you people” bit? How is being independent a problem with the world?

Of course, on the flip side, there are those out there who have absolutely no compassion for those in wheelchairs or who have to walk with canes. For a while there, I did have to walk with a cane. No one even held the door for me. It also really ticks me off when people park their cars in spots intended for the disabled.

Most people fail to understand that, at least in the United States, handicapped spaces are designed so that there is extra space on the side of the vehicle. If you have back problems, for example, getting in and out of a car can be a real challenge. Taking up a disabled spot when you’re not technically disabled is sort of cruel.

5. The Anti-Aging Serum

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If you are too stupid to read instructions on a bottle and are dumb enough to drink a serum clearly designed to be applied to your face, you have bigger problems than a few wrinkles.

I really have to give credit to people who work retail jobs. The amount of crap they put up with on a daily basis must be horrifying.

I have yet to hear of an anti-aging serum that actually works. I am constantly seeing advertisements for one—I can’t recall the name off of the top of my head—in an infomercial. I watch a lot of television early in the morning. Anyway, it stars supermodel Cindy Crawford and Lori Loughlin, who played “Aunt Becky” on the sitcom “Full House”. They are both in their 50’s, and they look phenomenal. Still, I doubt the product they’re trying to sell has much to do with it. They probably just took really good care of themselves when they were younger.

test ad

6. The Cook That Just Happened To Be Male

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Conversations like these grate on me. What sort of person thinks a great meal can only be cooked by a woman? Aren’t many of the best chefs in the world men? I have a friend who was a chef for a while. He prepared fantastic food. Even I, a person who microwaves most of his meals, can make a few really quality dishes. For example, I make a great vegetable soup.

My dad used to cook all of the time when I was a kid. I thought that most of what he made was pretty good. He still makes a great spaghetti sauce, and he certainly knows how to grill barbeque chicken.

I hope, eventually, the female conference attendee realized what she said and how stupid she came across. I doubt she did, though.

7. The Birth Control Ring That Became a Bracelet

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This may sound terrible, but I really hope the young woman in this case didn’t wind up pregnant. Honestly, there are people who are just too dumb to reproduce. There is no way some people can manage to produce a healthy, normal, well-adjusted child. I actually know a lot of people like that. They are nice enough, but they shouldn’t be procreating. Sadly, however, a few of them already have.

If you don’t know how simple birth control works, you shouldn’t be having sex. End of story.
I don’t have kids myself. I’m disgusted by vomit and poop, so I don’t think fatherhood and I would agree. I am amazed I manage to keep a dog—they are not the most sanitary creatures.

I know a lot of people that have had kids, though, and many of them have told me that the only reason they had the kid was because it was what they were “supposed to do”. I don’t think that’s a very good reason to have a kid, even if you are married.

I have also had someone tell me that she wants a kid because “it would be fun”. Admittedly, I like kids. I have a little neighbor who I’ll interact with once in a while. She is three and she is a delight. If she and her parents are out and about, I’ll ask her about her day and help her pick flowers or whatever, and then I send her on her way. Kids can be fun, but that’s not a great reason to have one. They don’t stay fun. Eventually, they turn into teenagers—that is almost never fun.

Anyway, long and short, I really hope that pregnancy test came back negative.

8. The Female Engineer

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Do we still live in a day and age when people are surprised by female engineers, scientists, doctors, and the like? Perhaps I am surprised because my mother studied biology at university. Actually, I’m not sure exactly what her major was, but I know it had something to do with science.

I went to a university with a really great engineering department. The only two people I knew who majored in engineering were women. By all accounts, they’re both still working as engineers and doing well for themselves.

I really like the response from the engineer. That woman sounds like someone I would want to hang out with.

9. The Cheeseburger Without the Cheese

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Perhaps I have just read too many of these things, but this one doesn’t surprise me at all. I was once at a bar and heard a customer order a “rum and coke, minus the coke”. Now, you would think that he was asking for a shot of rum, but sadly that was not the case.

Then again, this guy had consumed one too many, which might have been the case with this particular customer.

I feel bad for anyone who has to work in food service, really. Customers can be so obnoxious. I know, because I can be one of them. I myself can’t eat cheese or dairy products, and I also like salads, and they always come with cheese. Often, the dressings are cream based. I should probably just make my own salads at home and save the poor wait staff the hassle.

10. The Parking Lot

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One of the reasons I hate driving is because I know there are just a bunch of really dumb people on the road operating vehicles that could easily kill me.

I am not talking about those people who text while they drive or drive after downing nine beers—those are stupid and irresponsible things to do, sure; I am talking about the sort of people where you wonder how they manage to dress themselves each and every morning. This customer is one of those people, clearly.

However, I suppose it is possible this woman was just in panic mode. You tend not to think clearly when you are in panic mode. I have locked my keys in my car before, and it is a terrible experience.

11. The Greeting Card

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It was nice of the store to offer the refund. Frankly, I’m surprised that the customer asked for one. If I had made such a mistake, I would have been too embarrassed to do so.

I hate shopping for greeting cards. I look forward to a world when no one sends them anymore. For one thing, they cost a fortune. Also, in my experience, the really funny ones I want to buy aren’t appropriate for the person to whom I will be sending it. Shopping for the proper card can really be a time-consuming experience, and there are a lot of shows on Netflix I absolutely need to find time to binge watch.

Written by Sven Miller

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