14 Pics That Will Definitely Make You Question If They Are Real Or Not

Image Source: Reddit

We often see photos of things that look unbelievable. As it often turns out, many of these photos are actually not real! The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to distinguish fake photos from the real ones. Technology is progressing with a rapid pace. There are all kinds of software that can alter a certain image in any possible way. However, even if a photo turns out to be altered, it could still be curious to see! Photos that make you question them are always nice to see, because they challenge your perceptions and make you think about them, which is good exercise for the mind. Of course, you get to amuse yourself in the process, which is a plus! The images below will definitely make you question them, so enjoy the list!

1. Someone is going to be pissed

Image Source: Reddit

Seagulls are probably the biggest thieves among birds. It is a widely known fact and people keep that in mind when they go to the beach or to a nice location for a picnic. However, even if you take precautions, you could still end up being robbed by a seagull. As you can see, they can snatch literally anything. This seagull probably realized that the dentures were not food, but nobody would expect that the bird will come back and return the item. The person these dentures belonged to must have been pissed.

2. Here is one disturbing photo

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this huge bird coming against you at high speed would be really frightening. However, this is not the case here. The photo was taken by helmet camera mounted on the back. As you can see, it is still a scary sight to see! We wonder why the bird decided to initiate a pursuit. Maybe the helmet resembled something that the bird wanted to snatch. We are glad that the person and his camera remained intact.

3. Some situations need a lot of explaining

Image Source: Instagram

People always like to be sure that their partners are safe. Of course, this means that you should double-check on them every now and then. As you can see, one man decided to make sure that his girl was home safe. We bet that he did not expect to see a photo like that! The fact that she sent it hours later makes it even worse! There are so many wrong things about the image and the boyfriend was probably worried sick! We hope she eventually got home and never pulled off that stunt again.

4. Here is how quality trolling looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Anyone can troll other people, but it only counts when you do it in style. If you are familiar with Chrissy Teigen, then you know that she occasionally roasts different individuals of groups of people. This time she paid attention the Instagram models. This trend is picking up speed as we speak, and we are not sure that it is a good thing! As you can see, she deliberately posted a badly altered image with a funny caption. This is more than enough to mock all Instagram models at once.

5. This is some really tough luck

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a story you are told can really sound unbelievable. This is why it is a good thing to have photos to prove it! This person was involved in a chain reaction of events that would be impossible to believe. Thanks to the fact that everyone has a camera in their pocket nowadays, we can see photos of the accident! We guess that the odds for this happening again are really slim! The person probably laughed about it, despite the ticket and the vehicle damage.

6. We didn’t know elephant nests exist

Image Source: Reddit

This is a situation which you definitely don’t see every day. At first we thought that our eyes deceived us, but it is really an elephant in a nest! The animal is sitting in the huge nest and it appears to be quite comfortable. We have no clue how could an elephant climb on tree or why would it do it in the first place. There is a slight possibility that this is a man dressed in a very realistic costume, but it looks too real!

7. Here is one curious traffic accident

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen dozens of traffic accidents, most of which are minor. However, in certain cases you can see something that seems to be typical only for a movie scene. The photo above is a nice example! This boat in the middle of the road is definitely not something you would expect to see! It probably fell off a trailer because it was not secured well. This is very dangerous, because someone could hit it at a high speed, but thankfully a patrol car rushed to the scene fast.

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8. This is one scary ride

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of amusement parks and some of them feature really weird rides and attractions. The photo you see here perfectly illustrates what we have in mind. We guess that only the bravest kids would go near that ride, because it is scary! The idea was to recreate Pikachu’s image, but in reality a monster was created! Just take a look at the nose and the eyes! The machine needs someone who can modify it to look less creepy.

9. These construction workers need to improve their safety training

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of different jobs that involve different kinds of risk and danger. Construction workers are exposed to both! This is the reason why every builder undergoes extensive safety training which is essential! However, in some countries the main concern is to get the job done. This often means that safety measures are neglected or totally missing! As you can see, these workers elevated a small digger with a crane and someone is actually inside the cabin!

10. Sometimes luck strikes in an unexpected way

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of situations that occur by sheer chance! This is what makes them unexpected, of course! The situation with this bowl of soup is a good example! As you can see, the plastic bowl shrunk in size because of the heat in the microwave. This caused to soup inside to nearly spill, but here is the odd part! The rotating of the bowl inside the microwave did not cause a single drop to spill outside and make a mess! We guess that taking it out without spilling would be impossible, though.

11. This is our new favorite gas station

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the frequent trips to the gas station are more of a burden instead of joyride. This is understandable, because there is nothing amusing or interesting about pumping gas. However, looking at this photo made us wonder if we were not mistaking about all of this! Imagine that next time you go to fuel your vehicle you are greeted by this four-legged worker who offers you service! We guess that the photo was accidental, but we still would like to experience this kind of service!

12. Here is a photo which is definitely hard to explain

Image Source: Reddit

As much as we tried to explain this photo, we still failed to do so. There are a few different versions that we consider plausible, though. The first one is that this might probably be a weird art installation. Chances are that someone put a couple of fully dressed mannequins on the bottom of the pool to simulate that they were talking to each other. The other possibility is that the pool has a glass bottom with a room underneath. We would never know for sure.

13. This is the weirdest PC setup ever

Image Source: Reddit

There are literally thousands of images showing weird computer-related things, but this one tops most of them! Apparently this person decided to arrange his PC setup inside a fridge! This is a strange thing to do, but his facial impression says that he was probably surprised when someone told him that it was a weird thing to do. We guess that it was a really hot day or the air conditioner was broken. In this case such a solution would be acceptable.

14. These people look trippy

Image Source: Instagram

Having a personal style that distinguishes you from the crowd is important. Of course, it needs to feature only things that would be considered to be normal or fancy by the others. Wearing half a watermelon as a hat does not qualify as such a thing! If these people are wearing actual hats that look like a watermelon sliced in two, then we need to give them some credit. They look super realistic and really fresh!

Written by Sven Miller

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