25 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Our Lives Right Now

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There seems to be no easy way to explain life as we know it but it is worth trying, we guess. Everyone has a unique way of understanding life and we believe that there are things in common between everyone’s point of view. The tweets below would probably be relatable to most people out there and we think they are worth seeing and sharing.

1. The lunch

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Here is one aspect of life that we always thought about. Trying to save money is always a good thing but there are causes that seem doomed. Saving on lunch is not possible in most cases and this tweet shows why.

2. The adult

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There is not much we could add here, except – this is the truth! People who have just reached the teenage period of their lives feel very independent but they realize soon enough that they still need their parent’s support.

3. The name

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Well, this is kind of ironic and very funny at the same time. We guess this tweet was written just for the laughs but we imagined how a real situation similar to one described here would look like.

4. The favor

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Now, this is what we call a clingy request. Sadly, we know how that feels from experience, as such people are always so pushy that you surely can’t deny their requests regardless of what they might want.

5. The gym

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This is a really unusual approach to working out. The person who tweeted this was surely baffled by what she saw and we believe this has happened numerous times before, as some individuals surely came up with the idea.

6. The new home

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Part of adult life is moving to your own place and having it all to yourself. Needless to say, most people are not prepared for that huge step and this person is part of that group for sure.

7. The plans

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As we become adults and our responsibilities become bigger, we tend to avoid some of them. We always try to comply with anything we need to but there are plants that we simply cannot commit to.

8. The fatigue

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There are things everyone above the age of 25 could relate to and the tweet you see reveals one of them. Feeling tired all the time is the reality for many of us and it seems that there is nothing we could do about it.

9. The routine

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Here is something that we believe was a funny situation. Athletes are always trying to help others get in shape, even if it is merely advice. Most people, however, would prefer not to take it because it is easier.

10. The free stuff

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We guess that those who are always willing to participate in something simply because they can receive something for free is the universal truth. We also like it when we receive a free shirt.

11. The pictures

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The person who tweeted this is obviously not aware of the concept behind the work influencers do. You could hardly refer to it as working but they do it for a living, so they need to have that many selfies.

12. The development

test ad
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Here is one interesting comparison that we could not agree more with. This person believed that they had not developed according to what they thought was right. We felt the same way when we became adults.

13. The horses

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Everyone has their favorite game they loved while growing up and the one suggested here is many people’s favorite. Pointing out the obvious is a must, otherwise, something would feel wrong.

14. The questions

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Some people feel the need to ask a ton of questions when they meet someone they haven’t seen in a while. Most often, the person who needs to reply has no idea what to say, and that can be embarrassing.

15. The bugs

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It appears that people who spend a lot of time outside have the same problem – they can hardly get rid of bugs. Summertime is the time when this problem is especially annoying.

16. The pain

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We all know what this person refers to. This kind of pain is hard to describe but we all know that if it happens once, it will surely happen again and again, unfortunately.

17. The money spender

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It seems that people who see this tweet will immediately relate to it, or most of them, at least. We know that we related instantly, as we could never resist going out to eat.

18. The stress

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Munching on snacks when stressed is a habit many people have and we must admit we are part of that group. Still, there are numerous things we could do instead but we choose to eat sweets.

19. The work

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Well, this is kind of sad, actually, because we have been in the same situation for a really long time. we are certain that people can always get out of this money trap.

20. The stare

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There are few more relatable tweets than this one. As you can see, the person who described this situation clearly had a lot going inside their head.

21. The door

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This door metaphor is the best example of how one person who knows they reveal themselves hard. It is the kind of metaphor many individuals would relate to.

22. The salad

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Here is how one person described and wrapped the situation we have all been involved in – better make a bigger bowl of salad than a small one that will not be enough.

23. The anxiety

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It seems that more than a few people would relate to this tweet and the reason is obvious. There are many things we miss out on because we are focused on the fear of losing them.

24. The stunt

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We are not sure why people keep saying that after they perform a stunt but there is a really small chance that someone would get off the couch and repeat the stunt.

25. The mess

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We guess that the people who act like that are our kind of people. We actually do the same thing all the time and we believe there is nothing wrong with that kind of behavior.

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