42 Parents Who Definitely Made Their Kids Day Unforgettable

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The greatest treasure in life is having loving parents that you can rely on and ask anything. Being closer to them is a blessing that not everyone can enjoy. Parents can be awesome in their own way and the list below proves that.

1. The notes

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This mother left encouraging and wholesome notes every day for her kid to read so lunch time would pass seemlessly.

2. The support

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This is what everyone who is afraid to come out to their parents should receive as treatment. Needless to say, this boy was super happy.

3. The egg

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People should always appreciate the small things in life and this is such a thing. This mother knew how to preserve her inner child.

4. The business

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Supporting your kid’s dreams is a huge deal to them, even if the dreams seem to be bogus at first. This kid needs to improve her skills, though.

5. The cast

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Here is how one parent decided to do something about this cast. It may not look like much but it made a lot of difference.

6. The grad school

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Now, this is how people can handle a disaster with the right attitude! This man is happy and that is all that matters.

7. The class

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Any first grade student who had to join class online would appreciate the setup this girl enjoyed. Her mom is creative.

8. The lines

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There is no definite proof of one’s love for their kids but if need to define it, we would pick what this mom did.

9. The support

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Here is how one dad supported his kid throught his educational journey. This is the most wholesome thing ever.

10. The experience 

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This person was happy to share her professional experince and her skills saved the day!

11. The best text

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These rainbow hearts were the thing one mom used to express her love for her daughter since they started texting.

12. The controller

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One devoted father was able to create a custom Xbox controller for his disabled child. He is a loving dad for sure!

13. The graduation

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One dad build a stage for a graduation ceremony in his driveway because the pandemic prevented his daughter from visiting the actual ceremony. Awesome!

14. The candy

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Having a father like this is a blessing. Everyone on that flight surely appreciated his effort to make his kid happy.

15. Seth Rogen’s parents

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Seth Rogen’s parents have always been supportive of him and they even drove them to see Ellen.

16. The mother-in-law

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One mother-in-law suprised the future wife of her son with this table on what was supposed to be their wedding day.

17. The cake

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There are days when we need to overcome hard things but it is nice to see how others still love us.

18. The selfie

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This is an image one person received from their mom. It seems that the dog is part of a special dresscode.

19. The Schwarzeneggers

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We guess that some things never change and the bond between these two is such a thing!

20. The event

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Single parents are real-life heroes and this image proves that! This mom would surely do that all over again.

21. The grandma

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There is no other feeling like the warmth you feel knowing that the people you care the most support you in your endeavors.

22. The awesome dad

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Dads have their own ways of getting their kids prepared for life and this is how it’s done.

23. The support

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Supportive parents is what every insecure kid needs. This person was lucky to have a loving mother.

24. The proud mom

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Here is how one mother reacted after finding the book her child wrote in her local library.

25. The phrases

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Dads are notorious for their specific humor and this person appreciated the phrases her dads use.

26. The mother

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If this does not make you laugh and cry at the same time, we are not sure anything would have that effect on you!

27. The bond

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This dad found it hard to bond with his daughter and he decided to let her give him a makeover – that did the trick.

28. The father

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Here is one person who has the right kind of attitude regardless of his location. We admire his actions!

29. The dad joke

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We already mentioned dad jokes and this father is a master of this kind of humor. His pun is clever and absolutely perfect.

30. Mike

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We believe that people who love animals are the best kind of people and this father showed his admiration for Mike the dog.

31. The birthday

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This girl was blessed with a loving dad who had a tradition to follow and no distance could stop him.

32. The devoted person

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It appears that people should accept everything that is new to them, even in cases they do not understand it.

33. The advice

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Here is one simple but effective design. There is little we could add ot except for confirming this is one super cool father!

34. The funny image

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Here is how even the seemingly little things in life could matter the most to a person. This dad appreciated his son’s attempt to cheer him up by printing the funny image his son sent him.

35. The eggs

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This is the meal one person prepared for breakfast and it is amazing to see how it turned out.

36. The electrician

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It seems that people who have the most unusual jobs are sometimes the happiest and this person is among those people.

37. The wholesome find

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This father found a way to be remembered even after he was no longer among his family. This person found a treasure!

38. The father

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Here is how one hero dad decided to support his daughter regardless of the difficulties.

39. The father

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Fathers know that their daughters were treated like Disney princesses and this dad literally did it.

40. The parent

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Here is how one father wanted to suprise his son. We believe that the boy was probably speechless when his dade gave him the cupcakes.

41. The father

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The image says it all and we could only add that the love of a parent goes really long way.

42. The home Blockbuster location

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Talking about effort, this is the kind of thing that could make you believe anything was possible.

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