17 Brands’ Reactions On ‘Nobody Cares About What I’m Doing’ Post By McDonald’s Twitter Account

We need to admit that marketing can go an extremely long way today, as the modern means of advertising have almost limitless possibilities. As you are about to see, social media marketing is a tough and responsible job but the people who do it sometimes feel neglected. The smart individual running the McDonald’s Twitter account turned that into a campaign of its own and it went viral. The tweet received support from numerous different famous brands and their responses are pure gold.

1. Xbox

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one brilliant way to start a conversation. The Xbox marketing team saw the opportunity and began playing the game. They replied to the original tweet and showed support but the McDonald’s marketer nailed this one.

2. Instagram

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the people in charge of the Instagram marketing team noticed the potential of these viral posts and joined the action. Their short tweet was more than enough to make them a worthy participant.

3. Adobe

Image Source: Twitter

The idea for a social media manager support group is actually a very good one! We guess that people with such an occupation have problems of their own and sharing them would be beneficial.

4. Facebook

Image Source: Twitter

The people running Facebook’s account also joined the funny thread and shared their opinion on the matter. It turned out they feel exactly the same way. Sure enough, it was just a scenario they created to be able to follow the viral thread.

5. HBO

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another entry that got us grinning. HBO shared their two cents on the matter and asked a simple question to troll McDonald’s. The reply was sweet and we simply love how McDonald’s was able to nail this one as well.

6. Target

Image Source: Twitter

Target also did not miss the thread, as they knew that they should participate in it since other big names joined. Their simple tweet was welcomed by the McDonald’s social media team and they shared the love.

7. Foo Fighters

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one really special tweet! As you can see, the Foo Fighters know how to take part in such a humorous conversation. They picked the best way to make themselves noticeable and the people at McDonald’s obviously appreciated it.

8. Pantene

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one rather unexpected addition to the funny topic. Even the guys at Pantene decided to take part and they did it really well. It turns out they even admired Ronald McDonald’s hairdo and we can all understand why.

9. Second Life

Image Source: Twitter

There are things that we simply forgot about and Second Life is among those things! As you can see here, the person behind Second Life’s Twitter account expressed their support and hilariously trolled for their ice cream machines that never seem to work.

10. Messenger

test ad
Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another huge social media app that joined the conversation. Their take on the matter was good enough but the image one person posted as a reply is what made it awesome. We can relate to the funny image and you can see why.

11. Fall Guys

Image Source: Twitter

The game has many fans and they became even more after the Twitter account of the game was involved in the viral topic started by McDonald’s. In this case, the reply was even better and we believe that everyone appreciated how funny it was.

12. Cameo

Image Source: Twitter

The platform also decided to join the funny viral thread and shared the most common question received via private messages. McDonald’s replied in the typical hilarious fashion and it turned out great!

13. Walgreens

Image Source: Twitter

If the original post was actually meant to express the feelings of the person running it, this would be the kind of support they would need! Needless to say, it was all a clever marketing stunt and Walgreens took part in it which is awesome.

14. Pizza Hut

Image Source: Twitter

The similarity between the original viral post and the way Pizza Hut joined the convo is amazing. They shared things that were probably real, as we are sure people write them all the time with requests to include Bigfoot in the menu.

15. Walmart

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is something you cannot argue with. Walmart got involved and felt that the original tweet was nothing but relatable. Still, they added the tiny detail that they were open 24/7 which meant more of the same treatment.

16. Zoom

Image Source: Twitter

Zoom’s social media account team found a great way to join the fun and you can see that they were able to suggest something McDonald’s should consider as an option.

17. Microsoft

Image Source: Twitter

The people at Microsoft decided to react to the original tweet and they did it in their own polite way. This was typical, as their customer support is known to be extra polite. They nailed this one, too.

18. McDonald’s

Image Source: Twitter

Of course, this is how it all started. A seemingly innocent tweet that was well-planned and that deserves all the praise it could get. This is how you do marketing and we love seeing more campaigns like this one.

Written by Sven Miller

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