16 Pictures Proving What It Takes To Be A Husband Or To Have One

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People think that married life is not a big deal but only those who have already walked down the aisle know that it is an entirely different story. To be more specific, the following list gives a few examples of how it feels to be a husband and to have one.

1. The fridge

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It seems that some people need to learn the basics behind using a fridge. It may sound strange but there are rules to follow. For example, you should never put food directly inside it – it needs to be on a plate or inside a container. One husband obviously missed that concept.

2. The laundry

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There are many house rules people need to follow and using a couple of laundry baskets is a must. Dividing white clothes from the colored and black ones is a must but it seems one husband was confused. His socks were black and white so he simply decided to put them between the baskets.

3. The store

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Some husbands are great at shopping and they show high efficiency is something man can achieve. Still, others struggle with simple tasks and this is the case here. It appears that when this person was sent by his wife to buy Ajax, he found it hard.

4. The party

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Sometimes, people are not entirely sure how to behave in social events because there are rules to be followed that they are not aware of. In this case, one husband enjoyed a wine tasting event visited by people from the upper class. He did it in his own style but his wife was not happy.

5. The cleaning routine

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When it comes to husbands doing chores, one could expect anything imaginable. In this case, one person was asked to clean the toilet by his wife. She insisted on a spotless result so he decided to use an unconventional method. The results were surely amazing.

6. The makeup sponges

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Makeup wedges are the last thing one should eat and while children would be easily fooled by their looks, one could never expect the same from an adult. Still, one husband did not believe it and thought his wife was kidding but he found out the hard way that those really were sponges.

7. The dish dryer

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Who says that DIY solutions are not a good idea when it comes to household chores? In the image above someone captured a method of drying dishes that we have never seen before. It does not look pretty but as long as it is effective, nobody would care.

8. The pizza

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Having a slice of pizza is always a good idea, regardless of how you look at things. Yes, it might be unhealthy but it is delicious. The most important thing after you take delivery of the pizza is to slice it evenly. This person missed that concept and did something we would never tolerate.

9. The activity

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Husbands are usually up to the most random things you could imagine. They are not that keen on following their wives’ schedules and this tweet suggests exactly that. In this case, he was busy teaching the dog some important skills. His wife was surely not happy about that.

10. The car keys

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It appears that people are not always focused on what they do and they often miss the small details and the seemingly insignificant situations. As you can see, one husband was so distracted that he put his keys inside the refrigerator and forgot about it soon after he did it.

11. The hair clips

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We already mentioned that husbands are not always keen on shopping because they can easily get something wrong and regret it later. This is a different example. A wife asked her man to get her a hair clip and he over-delivered which actually a sweet thing to do.

12. The selfie

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No husband is ever capable of fully understanding his wife. It takes years of trying to be able to recognize every single tone of her voice and every small habit. The tweet above suggests the kind of situation that nobody could foresee and we guess the husband was not happy about it.

13. The balloons 

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No birthday party is ever the same without dozens of balloons. Parents always want the best for their kids and they throw great parties for their birthdays. One father wanted to buy the balloons needed but neglected a small detail.

14. The products

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Most wives would not know what to think if they happened to see their men bring a suspicious suitcase with them while on vacation. This wife was happy to see that her husband only put his skincare products inside.

15. The raisins

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We already discussed how hard it is for a husband to learn all the habits of his wife and to remember her preferences. However, we believe that remembering she does not like raisins is something simple. Despite this fact, this wife was furious after her man forgot she didn’t like raisins.

16. The arrangement

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It seems that making any husband do a household chore is not an impossible task but it is the end result you should be concerned about. It appears that those who have been down that route are aware of the results. This Jenga-style arrangement is cringe-worthy.

Written by Sven Miller

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