16 Funny Tweets That Will Surely Make Your Day

Image Source: Twitter

Twitter is an amazing place because you can find anything there – from news to relatable quotes and advice. Of course, it is also a source of fun. People post funny content all the time and there are often viral tweets that are worth sharing. The list below contains some of them.

1. The kids

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something you can only see in movies, or that is what we thought until now, at least. We guess that you never know what you could see when walking on the street. The person who saw this was surely baffled, to say the least. We would react in the same way as this person did, and we would take a picture, too.

2. The public toilet

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there really are at least a couple of sides to every story, and all the parties involved would have something to say for sure. In this case, the person who thought that she had the advantage of using the restroom, was not happy about someone who intended to use it for its original purpose.

3. The rescue

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is the kind of thing that we would praise with pleasure. People showed how awesome they could despite the fact that the situation sounds fun. It was an intense situation but the people who reacted quickly were able to save a life. The person who carried the fish was surely happy about that.

4. The bacon

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this short tweet is more than enough to give you the whole story of what happened. We are not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or if it happened for real but there is one thing we are certain about: the husband would surely regret his decision about cooking bacon in the toaster.

5. The conversation

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one rather interesting way to get out of a conversation you said something you immediately regretted. The best part about this tactic is that you don’t have to delete anything. We even believe that this original strategy would be appreciated by the other person involved in the conversation.

6. The comparison 

Image Source: Twitter

Nature works in mysterious ways and we believe that there is a reason for everything. There are things we guess we will never understand and one of these things is the fact that caterpillars can spend a month without moving and come out beautiful. It does not work like that with humans.

7. The misunderstanding

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that people sometimes speak a different language despite the fact that it is seemingly the same one. This short but funny conversation is the perfect proof of that. As you can see, this person’s crush wanted to ask simple things but the conversation took some pretty sharp turns and no answers were given.

8. Johnny Cash

Image Source: Twitter

They say that the older generations used to enjoy much more genuine things. The old-school way of life was all about real cars, real music, and real food. Johnny Cash is a symbol of that era and millions of people admire his talent and personality. However, this image of him in these boots and that position is quite odd.

9. The Spider-Man contraption 

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Image Source: Twitter

Needless to say, superheroes are everyone’s favorite theme when it comes to having fun. This contraption was created for that specific purpose but we guess that the design is quite controversial. The reason why it looks odd is unknown to us but the person who captured this image nailed the best comment.

10. The pun

Image Source: Twitter

People sometimes have a weird sense of humor that one might find to be amusing after a little while. This image is the perfect example. We get the pun this person intended to use but we don’t think that this s a hilarious thing.

11. The word

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes, the little things in life are the most fun of all. Needless to say, there are moments when you try to have fun even with the words your phone’s autocorrect function does its job. This word is actually not related to ducks and it means something completely different which is funny on its own.

12. The phone 

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one story that almost seems like it was part of the scenario for a hidden camera show. There were obviously quite a few things you might refer to as strange when the person who found the phone tried to return it to its owner.

13. The search

Image Source: Twitter

Ah, yes, this brings back memories. If you claim that you never searched for synonyms online, then you are probably trying to deceive someone. Needless to say, using fancy words in an essay would make it sound better but a Google search would be the easier option instead of trying to figure it out yourself.

14. The relation

Image Source: Twitter

People often begin to relate themselves to different places or objects because they have become huge parts of their lives. As you can see here, one person joked about the Walmart parking lot and we can understand why she mentioned that.

15. The freedom

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another extremely relatable tweet that we believe most people would love to see. We remember having to move those insanely huge backpacks around and having the ability to not wear it even for a day was a big thing.

16. Getting him pregnant

Image Source: Twitter

Well, for sure this is something that everybody will get happy for. Receiving some spending money like that will definitely make everybody’s day.

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