12 Times The Internet Turned Out To Be Nothing But Heartwarming

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People often complain that there is too much negativity out there. It seems that they have a point but it actually depends. If you choose to see the negative side of things, you will never see the beauty. If you decide to clear your mind from negativity and drama, you will definitely feel that there is much to be appreciated around you. The following list will show you what is really important in life. It will also serve as proof that the internet is a heartwarming place full of good vibes.

1. The dog

Image Source: Reddit

This happy dog looks excited for a reason. The owner of the cutie revealed that the dog was really anxious around other four-legged friends but the image captured the moment when a true friendship with another canine began. You can see just how happy the dog is and we love the huge smile and the sparkling eyes!

2. The pet pig

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This image shows a moment of pure happiness. The person behind the camera went to a drive-through with their pet pig. The person working there fell in love and she could not believe it when the owner of the pig invited her to feed the animal some whipped cream. She appears to be overwhelmed and we can understand why!

3. The meet

Image Source: Reddit

There is always a first time for everything, especially if you are a little kid. Childhood is awesome because you learn new stuff every day. In this case, a boy met a cat for the first time and it appears that they bonded instantly! We love it how pure this image is!

4. The happy girl

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Kids are the purest creatures on this planet and this tweet proves it. This toddler decided to let everyone know when a moment of happiness comes. We guess that there is no better reminder that we should enjoy every moment and forget about the everyday hustle and bustle.

5. The strategy

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There is a lot we could learn from our parents and grandparents but we often forget to listen. As you can see, this tweet suggests one piece of advice that is not only fun but it is valuable as well. There is always something you can do when you are involved in a feud with a loved one.

6. The wholesome act

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The best feeling in the world is when you see how someone cares for you simply because they want you to be well. The genuine act of kindness described here is beyond any caption. We wish more people in the world cared for others just like this girl cared for her friend.

7. The fun experience

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Image Source: Twitter

We understand that everything in our society is based on some kind of order but sometimes you just need to bring out the kid inside you instead of playing the role you are supposed to. The team at this Waffle House location knew how to please their customers and we wish we were there at that moment.

8. The snuggles

Image Source: Reddit

Most of the people who have pets treat them as part of the family simply because they are exactly that. As you can see, this cat snuggles with the pregnant woman, as if it serves as protection for the unborn child that was supposed to be delivered three weeks after the photo was taken.

9. The attitude

Image Source: Twitter

Police dogs are important employees, as they do the kind of work humans cannot. Their noses sometimes play tricks on them but that is just a part of who they are. No dog can resist the smell of pizza and the colleague of this police dog was well aware of that.

10. The friendship

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They say that true friendship can endure everything and we believe that is true. Whatever happens, you must stay true to yourself and to your friends. In this case, the little spoon of this snuggling duo grew big but that did not make a difference at all!

11. The best father in the world

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People would do absolutely anything for their kids and that is no surprise. Children are the greatest gift life has to offer and we understand the dedication of this father. He bought his son the Spider-man costume he wanted and held him up in the air after he altered the images and removed himself from them. What a wholesome thing to do!

12. The sweetest thing

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Men can be really creative when they want to impress a woman but it is truly special to see how one man tried to impress his fiancé – he did the sweetest thing that surely made her realize he is a keeper.

Written by Sven Miller

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