17 Pics Perfectly Describing What A Wedding Is Really Like

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We firmly believe that behind every funny description there is a lot of truth, too! The collection of funny and amusing images listed below is meant to show one side of weddings that we guess really represents the spirit and mood of such an event. The point is to have fun and make it a memorable experience, and all of these images suggest that most people definitely succeeded in doing so! They are relatable and amusing, because those who have organized or attended a wedding know what it really is like.

1. This is by far the best wedding idea ever

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We can imagine how the guests felt when they realized they attended a wedding instead of a costume party! It must have been an amazing event and these images show part of it!

2. Here is one really clever caption

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We guess that this historical painting has a reasonable explanation, but the way someone captioned it really transformed the whole thing! Maybe it really happened at some wedding in the 90s, who knows.

3. This is what it means to steal the show

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People are always excited to attend a wedding because the mood is always special and the atmosphere is romantic! Of course, some take things too far and these two definitely did!

4. This couple was prepared for everything

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Planning a weddding is extremely important and this is why people trust a professional to do it, and that is money well spent! This image shows one detail that every wedding should feature!

5. Doing something extra is always a must

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However, some people are a bit too extra, and this image shows that! The best man wanted to create the perfect font for the newlyweds’ photos, but he flipped that vehicle to the side!

6. Now this is what we call a wedding cake

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We guess that one of the most important things when it comes to a wedding is the cake! You know what they say – the bigger, the better! This couple had something else in mind and we love the idea!

7. Kevin Hart’s height is always a trendy topic

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There are thousands of images online regarding the comedian’s height, and he accepts them all with a smile. Someone notice this detail about his wedding photos and it is our new favorite photo of him!

8. This must have been a super-wedding

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There are numerous ways in which you can make your wedding memorable. The attention to detail and the immaculate organization are a must, but having Batman to lead the ceremony is just awesome!

9. Here is one relatable image

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The struggle is real and many people really stand up to this plan. However, waiting for things to be perfect would likely get you nowhere, which is why you must not wait but go for it!

10. This is annoying when it happens

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Many wedding have different specific requirements which need to be followed for a number of reasons. However, there are always some guests who believe they should not follow any instructions.

11. Cutting on important expenses is a no-no

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Some people decide to make their own budget for the wedding and they often get things wrong. Cutting cost would get you a poor result, and this image is just one example of what might go wrong.

12. This happens all the time

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People who attend a wedding are in a really good mood in most cases. When it comes to taking photos, they decided to make the most the situation and they pose in all sorts of awkward poses sometimes.

13. Here is another relatable photo

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Since we are talking about wedding photos, we should definitely mention the difference between men and women taking group selfies and pics. Women try to look their best while men most often try to look as goofy as possible.

14. Now this is what we call a cool dress

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One of the main details of a wedding setup is the bride’s outfit. Wedding dresses are most often glamorous and sometimes oversized, but this one here is something every wedding needs!

15. This is how things happen

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We always believe that people overreact when it comes to normal things. Sure enough, the cake is important and must taste as good as it looks, but tasting samples is all about the free cake!

16. Most people would relate to this

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The parents of the bride and the groom often want to show off to as many people as they could, so they create endless lists of guests that definitely need to be reworked, because they are always too long!

17. We all know it is going to be annoying

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This might seem like a rude thing to do, but we have all done it at some point. There are people who feel obligated to share every step of their marriage. No, thanks, we’re good without that.


Written by Sven Miller

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