19 Couples Who Handled Family Problems Better Than Any Psychologist

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Sure enough, family is the most important thing in the world and everyone who gets to enjoy the company of their close relatives and loved ones is blessed! However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to the relationships between people! In fact, sometimes dealing with family members feels like a burden that is too much to bear with, but we need to endure for the sake of keeping the peace at home. This is especially true when it comes to couples! The following images suggest moments which were handled by couples in their own way!

1. One husband asked his wife for a sandwich 

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It seems that married life is more complicated than usual but it also is a lot more fun than anyone who would imagine! In this case, a husband asked his wife to make him a sandwich, but she assumed he was really hungry just because she was hungry herself! The end result of her effort is a sandwich like no other! You can almost assume that it was more or less a way for her to troll him!

2. This is definitely a wise move

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As much as we try to not admit it, people in a relationship have roles, and both partners find it hard to replace the other one when they are not around. This is especially true when it comes to meal prepping! In this case, one person was used to just grab the meal his wife prepped him but since she was gone, he knew exactly what he had to do!

3. And people wonder why others get divorced

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We guess that some people are able to really push things a bit too far when it comes to their relationships with their partners. Of course, knowing where the limit is helps! Otherwise you would risk getting yourself in a sticky situation! When a woman was able to damage the screen of her iPhone, she asked her husband to fix it, so he did it in his own special way!

4. Some people need to learn a thing or two

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You can’t really count on someone to do a certain task if they have never done it before! This is something that all married people are well aware of, but they probably avoid these situations by simply doing what they had in mind themselves. In this case, a wife asked her husband to buy some raspberries and blueberries, and he obviously had no idea what blueberries looked like!

5. Now this is something super funny

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As we already mentioned, never ask someone to do something that you should yourself! In this case, it was probably a pleasure for this woman’s husband to respond to her request to hang their new bathroom mirror. The trouble is that he chose the mounting position that was best for him, and considering the fact he was over six feet tall, it was not a job done well, if ask the wife! You can see why.

6. There is a difference between the way men and women solve a problem

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We guess that the main factor contributing to different feuds and situations between spouses is the difference between male and female logic! This image shows a perfect example that describes it. When the wife asked her husband to remove a cobweb hanging from the ceiling, the husband tried to find an alternative solution to the problem and he found it! The family cat was used as a feather duster!

7. This one is too real

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Of course, not all families follow the roles we mentioned earlier and some couples are actually equal when it comes to things like cleaning the house or making dinner. However, in most cases these chores are something the wife does, which leads us to the funny tweet above. No matter how bad a woman feels, she still feels obliged to prepare dinner for her man, and he would make sure to check up on her.

8. This funny image is almost too real

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Well, it is more than obvious that this image was staged and we like every detail of it, but as exaggerated as it is, it still suggests what happens when someone’s wife leaves home for a couple of weeks for some reason. The everyday routine a husband is used to would be gone in an instant and he would need to improvise!

9. This person tackled a really hard task here

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This is one funny image that kind of sums up married life. It really does! The reason why is because you need to do a ton of things for the sake of yours and your spouse’s comfort. In this case, the man you see in the photo had to replace the air filters of the house, which his wife asked him to do. He wondered why she giggled all the time when she told him to do it, but he found out the answer to that question!

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10. This is both creative and ridiculous 

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Seeing this made us chuckle because it is yet another illustration of what married life feels like! The image shows the result of a couple’s attempt to decorate a Christmas tree. The reason why it looks like that is the difference in the way they imagined the perfect decoration. They simply agreed to do one side of the tree, resulting in this! You can call it artistic, we guess.

11. Here is something that some  men accept as a unique achievement 

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This funny tweet sound like a joke but it appears to tell a story that really happened! In fact, we are more than certain that most men would find it hard to turn on the dishwasher of the laundry machine, or even load them, for that matter. Not that they don’t know how to do it – they would learn fast if they want to. But when there is someone else to do it, why bother, right? That’s what they think, at least.

12. This is another part of the reality behind married life 

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The Married with Children TV sitcom was a massive success because of the witty humor and over exaggerated situations, but the curious part here is that these situations are all inspired by the real couple life! The image you see here might appear to be a bit exaggerated, too, but we assure you that this is likely to happen if you have a big family!

13. Some husbands think that they did a good job when they actually did not

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Even if there is plenty of love, passion and harmony between a husband and his wife, there could still be a ton of little things that would be more than enough to annoy one or both spouses! This seemingly insignificant situation shows how this happens. The wife asked her man to bring her six potatoes, and he delivered to her request, technically speaking. You can see why she was furious later.

14. This has got to be a joke, but it is a good one

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Either this person wanted the media attention or he simply went through such an episode and wanted to share it or complain about it, depending on the way you look at things! Married life is an action-packed adventure, obviously, and it could be a lot of fun, too.

15. This is how a professional marketer does their job

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We firmly believe that the couple behind this idea probably works in the marketing industry in order for them to come up with such a witty garage sale poster! It is a really catchy one and they are not violating any laws, either! This is how things are done in a professional way!

16. This is how you keep your territory sometimes

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It seems that there are some things that never get old even after you get married, and one of them is protecting your possessions and your territory. When it comes to sweets, even a couple that is madly in love would try to protect their share despite the fact it takes something ridiculous like the situation in the photo where a husband took a bite out of every single cookie in the house.

17. This is what fine trolling looks like

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The art of  trolling your significant other is something that only a few master to a professional level. You need to know your partner really well and you both need to have the right kind of sense of humor!

18. Here is an unacceptable way to skip doing a chore you should complete

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Asking your husband to fold the laundry is probably a mistake if you do it all the time. If you still need to ask him, then you should be prepared to see poor results or, as in this case, no results at all!

19. Now this is kind of disturbing to see

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We guess that if the husband jokingly captioned this image, then it was either not his house or nobody was harmed, at least, but we appreciate his sense of humor, which is vital for a marriage!

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