25 Funny Tweets That Pretty Much Show The Reality Behind Marriage

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Married people often find the funniest way to describe what married life is like to them. We guess that living with the person you love is as hard as it is colorful! There are numerous happy moments when spouses often feel in utter bliss, but it is not always like that. Despite the fact they live together, people are still individuals and they have different characters and habits, and those differences can cause many different situations that are worth sharing!

1. The things some wives need to put up with

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Some men are nothing but grown-up kids and they can come up with the silliest ideas!

2. We can imagine how this woman orders at a restaurant 

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We guess that this woman’s spouse wanted to make it easier for her.

3. We can relate to this one

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We guess that boyfriends are future husbands, so they need to know things like this one, too!

4. Some people are aware of what their partner is getting into

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We guess that this is a simple and funny way for one to explain that they are anything but easy-going!

5. This is something most spouses would relate

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It is kind of fun to discuss something with your spouse and take the final decision on something together, even if it is a toaster oven.

6. Most women would probably wish this wasn’t something to relate to

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Men can be great cooks and they can learn they way around the kitchen, but most of them have no desire to do it.

7. This is just too funny

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It seems that ladies have a hard time choosing a location to eat, and this happens almost every time!

8. This man was probably desperate to share his thoughts 

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We guess that one could get easily distracted and get involved in a situation like this one!

9. This woman knows how to troll her husband

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She was probably not happy with him failing to notice her new hairstyle, so she decided to teach him a lesson.

10. This sounds like s huge mistake

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We guess that this wife was allergic to raisins or simply didn’t like their taste, but she reacted wildly!

11. Here is one way to deal with house chores

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Of course, such an attitude would probably won’t do you any favors!

12. Trolling your spouse is a must

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On certain occasions trolling your significant other is not a good idea but you need to do it in most of the times!

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13. Here is another example of fine trolling 

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We are more than certain that most husband would accept that request without making a joke about it!

14. This happens all the time

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For some weird reason men are the ones who make bigger messes when the house has just been cleaned.

15. Here another thing that is too real not to relate to

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It really doesn’t matter what you are about to watch, because on or both of you would be asleep within ten minutes.

16. Here a particular reason why marriage can be useful

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Living with the love of your life has its perks, and this is just one of them, especially when you get older.

17. It appears this person and his wife love taking decisions together

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He gave another brilliant example of what marriage is like, and we actually like it! In most cases seemingly insignificant things like this one are really important to a relationship!

18. This sounds like a funny moment

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We guess that these two had a time in their lives when they filled a First Aid Kit with Cheetos!

19. Here is something unacceptable 

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Sharing is everything in a relationship, and when it comes to cookies, things can get pretty serious!

20. Here is how sarcasm looks like

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This man is probably tired of his wife constantly telling him the obvious but this what marriage is like.

21. Here is another thing that most people could relate to

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Some husbands act like they would be helpless without their wives, and we guess it is easier for them this way!

22. This is just how things are

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We guess that this wife gets mad at her husband every time he does things like this.

23. Men can get pumped up during a football game

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Screaming at the TV and getting pissed of is what basically happens when a man is watching a football game.

24. This is a funny way to describe what wives do with snacks

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Yes, wives really do that. They hide the snacks from their kids and husbands, and they do it for the sake of their health!

25. Wives usually need to approve their husbands’ outfits

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We believe that going out with your spouse requires a lot of preparing, and men need their wives to approve their choice of outfit.

Written by Sven Miller

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