23 Tattoos That Artists Are Tired Of Doing Over And Over Again

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We believe that people can easily follow a trend and do something to themselves they don’t like. Still, they would put up with it simply because everyone else is doing it. This is the case with tattoos: while some people want one to commemorate someone or to express something, others decided to have a tat because they want to show off. This results in something tattoo artists despise: they are forced to do one and the same tattoo over and over again. The Reddit community discussed the matter and the list below shows some of the most preferred tattoos artists are tired of doing.

1. The barcode

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Here is how one tattoo artist decided to amuse himself while doing boring barcodes. He began replicating the actual barcodes from real but funny products such as mashed potatoes and sanitary products.

2. The matching names

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Here is another example of tattoos that artists despise. The reason is simple: more often than not, one of the partners returns within a few weeks asking for a cover-up, as the couple separated.

3. The big cats

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It turns out that big cats are requested really often. Some tattoo artists are forced to draw several similar tattoos a month. The trend consists of clients wanting lions or cougars wearing crowns.

4. No regrets

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As you can see, this person didn’t even notice that the word was misspelled. We are also sure that some tattoo artists would also neglect such a mistake. We have seen many people with such tattoos.

5. The infinity loop

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We have seen one too many of these and we guess they are still trendy. According to some tattoo artists, this trend needs to stop. Maybe it will not happen soon but it is probably getting rather cheesy.

6. The forest

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We had no clue about this but it appears that some tattoo artists are fed up with doing forests on people’s arms. There must be a reason for that but we can’t recall seeing a forest tattooed on someone’s limb.

7. The anchor

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The meaning behind this tattoo choice is simple: it stands for “nobody could hold me down” and it seems that the more it is used, the cheesier it gets. We understand why tattoo parlors sometimes refuse these.

8. The birds

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is a classic tat! A couple of birds on someone’s shoulder is a common sight. Tattoo artists here and there would probably prefer not to do one of these again and we understand why.

9. The moustache

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Here is yet another tattoo that so many individuals chose to have that it is no longer interesting. Needless to say, some tattoo artists must already be tired of doing this particular piece.

10. Live, laugh, love

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This one is not just about tattoos. We are growing tired of seeing these three words literally everywhere: at stores, bakeries, tattoos, our friends’ homes, etc. It is not witty anymore.

11. The Latin sentences

Image Source: Instagram

Now, here is one tattoo trend that needs to be forgotten fast. More than a few people chose this pattern and you can bet your pants that some tattoo artists dislike doing similar tats.

12. The mandala

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This one is similar to the “live, laugh, love” sentences. People think it is trendy and they are kind of wrong, actually, as mandalas are that popular anymore. Maybe it is because some tattoo artists stopped doing those.

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13. Infinity symbols and names

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a combination that so many people want to have that some tattoo masters refuse to do it. We understand why these professionals grow tired of doing the exact same thing every time.

14. The popular Deathly Hallows symbol

Image Source: Facebook

You have probably seen this one at least once. As it turns out, some tattoo artists were forced to create the symbol more than a few times in their career.

15. The rose combo

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that roses are among the most popular elements used in tattoos but some tattoo artists shared that they are tired of drawing this otherwise beautiful pattern.

16. Pikes Peak

Image Source: Instagram

We never really knew this but it turns out it is a fact: many Colorado residents choose to have a tattoo featuring Pikes Peak. Some tattoo artists are fed up with doing the same outline dozens of times.

17. The skull and the snake

Image Source: Instagram

Apart from a snake and rose combo, the snake and skull is a classic pattern that many individuals choose to have. Imagine how tattoo artists feel when asked to draw it again.

18. The butterfly

Image Source: Instagram

Of all the annoyingly popular tattoos out there, the butterfly has got to be the worst. Despite the fact that some people still want it, the butterfly is not trendy anymore.

19. The palm trees

Image Source: Instagram

The Caribbean is a popular destination but there is one perk you were probably not aware of. One of the most popular tats there is the image of palm trees on the ankle.

20. The skull

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This is one of the themes that we have seen the most! Skulls are a preferred symbol for tens of thousands of tats which is exactly why tattoo artists are sometimes reluctant to draw one.

21. The astrological sign

Image Source: Instagram

Here is yet another example of a tattoo that will probably never stop being popular. People will surely continue tattooing their astrological sign but some tattoo artists are surely fed up with that.

22. The sun and moon combo

Image Source: Pixabay

We have actually seen our fair share of these and they all look surprisingly similar. This is probably the reason why some tattoo artists are tired of doing that pattern.

23. The Declaration of Independence

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that might surprise you but you will immediately understand why tattoo artists are not looking forward to creating this piece on someone’s back.

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