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13 Mesmerizing Photos That Actually Have A Reasonable Explanation

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes our eyes see things that the mind cannot explain immediately, and that happens quite too often, actually. It is normal to see something and accept it without actually having a reasonable explanation for it. However, most of these things turn out to have a perfectly good explanation behind them, and soon enough everything starts to make sense.

Some of the following photos may seem weird or unexplainable to some, but each of them has a lot of sense, and once you check out the description, you would agree that they are pretty cool.

1. Disco balls were cool, but you can achieve an ever better effect

Image Source: Reddit

What you see here is actually sunlight! The sunrays happened to fall perfectly on a sequined pillow, creating the marvelous effect you see. Disco balls used to create similar effects, but the random ways the reflections are spread here makes it look even better.

2. Nothing unusual here, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it does seem to be just an ordinary photo of a cute small dog peeking through a door crack and exploring the outside world. If you look closely, you will see that the door has a lot of rust in one particular area; as it turns out, the moisture from the canine’s nose from his constant peeking caused the door to rust!

3. Some lessons are learned the hard way

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to hang a piece of clothing to dry, but that same person failed to see the obvious – the spot on the balcony ceiling was not meant to place hangers – it was a sprinkler head! As a result the dress will not get dry, of course. As we can all see, it is soaking wet.

4. That’s not a blank piece of paper

Image Source: Reddit

If you try really hard, you will be able to notice that there is some extremely pale lettering on this small piece of paper. What you are looking at is actually an extremely faded parking ticket. The sun literally evaporated the ink, and the person that needs to pay the ticket will have a hard time reading it.

5. This gravestone was set up naturally

Image Source: Reddit

By ‘naturally’ we mean that the angle of the gravestone was not initially the one you see here. When the gravestone was placed for the first time, it was parallel to the ground, but as the three behind the grave grew bigger, its roots started lifting up the gravestone to its current position.

6. This is no ordinary postcard

Image Source: Reddit

On first glance you can easily tell that this postcard has some wear and tear on it, and there is a very reasonable explanation for this – the postcard is more than a hundred years old! It looks remarkably good considering its age, and that is because of the material it is made of – the postcard was made from a piece of leather.

7. These leaves look quite unnatural

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Image Source: Reddit

The reason for this is that they are actually not growing like that! The beautiful pattern on these leaves is the result of the leaf mites’ activity – they created these lines by literally eating the leaves from the inside out.

8. Fine China porcelain is one the smoothest things you can touch

Image Source: Reddit

We are used to associating fine China with the most delicate and smooth surfaces created by mankind, but there is more to it than that. As you can see, this cup has a beautiful wavy pattern, which does not affect the smoothness, but it serves a different purpose; the pattern makes it easy for you to hold the hot cup of tea in your hands.

9. This is some kind of a rogue bollard

Image Source: Reddit

When you compare it to the other bollards in the back, this one seems to have been left painted in half, but in reality the inside concrete part rose up due to the moisture below that kept pushing it up, and not looks like a concrete Popsicle that has been partially removed from the wrapper.

10. This mesmerizing cake has no secret behind it

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a piece of cake that looks like a pastry wonder, but the artistry behind it was actually done accidently, because the sun melted off the top candy layer. The way it looks will most likely give you sugar and sweets cravings, and it is totally understandable.

11. What you see here is no ordinary plant

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this family’s dog buried its favorite toy some time ago, and a plant began growing inside of it. This is a rare coincidence, and it probably happened only a few times before. The dog actually did a good job in gardening.

12. Here is an item that is completely unrecognizable

Image Source: Reddit

The weird object you see here is actually a coin! It fell inside a garbage disposal machine, and obviously nobody noticed it for a few years. The blades inside the machine really changed the coin’s appearance, and it kind of looks like a work of art.

13. These candy canes have a story to tell

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably never seen a candy cane like that before and there is a good reason. Ants obviously managed to eat most of the canes while they were still in the wrappers, leaving them look quite curious, actually, because it would be impossible for any human to eat them this way and keep the wrappers intact.

Written by Nick Martin

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