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20 Amazing Times A Dad Photoshopped His Son Into Epic Scenarios

Image Source: Instagram

There are many people out there who have mastered one of the most popular image editing programs – Adobe Photoshop. However, some of these people are really talented and they take their skills to a different level. You are about to see the works of such an individual! Adrian Sommeling is a professional digital artist and a photographer who has a keen eye for details! He used photos of his son and created a series of amazing images that can easily mess with anyone’s mind! You can see some of them below and you can also check more of the artist’s work by visiting some of these links:;;

Enjoy the list and be amazed by the amazing talent this man has!

1. The perspectives in these images are amazing

Image Source: Instagram

We kick off the list with one of the most impressive images on the list! It is absolutely stunning and we love the idea of incorporating the Egypt pyramids into the boy’s playtime! He really looks like a giant and the way the two images were blended is amazing.

2. Marina Bay Sands looks fun

Image Source: Instagram

We have always wanted to go to Singapore and visit one of the most amazing places there are – Marina Bay Sands! This architectural wonder is insane and we would love to check out the infinity pool on the top! The artist had a different idea and used the structure as his son’s skateboard.

3. This is like a dream come true

Image Source: Instagram

Wow, check out this fantastic flying carpet! It is definitely like a dream come true to see it visualized in the best and most realistic photo we have ever seen. Even though we know that it was digitally generated, it still looks real enough for us to dream of flying on it! It is a fairytale feature that we love!

4. This image is stunning

Image Source: Instagram

This is probably one of the hardest images on the list and we definitely like the idea behind it. The lighting of the photo of the boy probably took a lot of time to set in the best possible way and the editing work made it seem like it is the real thing! Awesome image, indeed!

5. It is a piece of cake to set Big Ben

Image Source: Instagram

Now here is something you don’t see every day! The artist was able to come up a neat idea about one of London’s most popular landmarks – the Big Ben! You can imagine that adjusting the time of that gigantic clockwork is probably hard but having a giant son would definitely be handy!

6. Here is a Matrix-inspired image

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the artist was inspired by all kinds of things while creating these images and one of them was The Matrix sequel! As you can see, one of the most iconic scenes was cleverly recreated using a different kind of weapon which is definitely not harmless if it strikes you from a close distance.

7. This one also has a curious perspective

Image Source: Instagram

Here is an image that looks almost normal compared to the rest! It looks like it was inspired by a mystery novel and the atmosphere it shows is really typical for movies such as Sherlock Holmes, for example. The kid appears to be extremely curious and this is a normal thing for his age.

8. Here is a part of a young photographer’s life

Image Source: Instagram

This funny image became one of our favorite pieces of art on the list! It shows the adventurous side most professional photographers have! All the details about the image are amazing, but the best thing about is the flying shoes! The image brings a lot of mood and good vibes! Everyone would smile upon seeing it!

9. This is a sequel to the one above

Image Source: Instagram

The kid probably loved this kind of photos and his dad decided to make another one in similar fashion. The other one was more dramatic but the boy seems to enjoy them both! Hopping on a train like that is something we have seen only in movies but we would be happy to see if it is possible in real life.

10. Here is another dreamy image

Image Source: Instagram

The artist behind these images is definitely a very talented individual but what we like the most about him is the creativity. Imagine the wild imagination he has! If we had the chance to get inside the head of such a person, we would be thrilled to take a tour!

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11. This is a beautiful father and son moment

Image Source: Instagram

We fell in love with the serenity of this image! It is absolutely mind-blowing and it looks so natural that it plays tricks on the mind! What is even more beautiful about the image is the special bonding moment between a father and his son! This photo is definitely the perfect desktop wallpaper!

12. This perspective is more than curious

Image Source: Instagram

Here is an image that actually puzzled us! It shows a typical childhood activity that we were all involved in at one point or another, but this is not the interesting part. The artist created the image by using a great perspective! He made it seem like the rock was just about to hit the camera after it took the photo! It is definitely a great idea and we wonder how he did it and did the camera survive the whole thing after all.

13. Here is another clever image that features incredible details

Image Source: Instagram

As we already said, this artist is definitely someone who has an eye for the tiny details and they matter the most when it comes to professional photography and art. This image showcases his skills because it looks incredibly realistic! As you can see, it looks very realistic despite the fact that giants do not exist, of course. Every shadow is where it should be and it is a real work of art.

14. These rhinos are stunning

Image Source: Instagram

This is another image that incorporates nature and wildlife and there is one thing about it that we like the most. These rhinos appear to be real but they are more likely to be digitally generated! We cannot be sure about this but it is exactly what makes the image special. There is a seamless blend between real objects that were photographed and digitally created one.

15. Spider-Boy looks awesome

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another beautiful image that most of us would probably relate to. Do you recall watching your favorite superhero and action movies when you were just about this kid’s age? We sure do! It was a mesmerizing experience and we were really into these movies, which is why we dreamed about them, too! This is definitely a beautiful way to illustrate this kind of dreams! We also need to add that Spider-Boy looks really impressive, too!

16. Here is one of the oldest tricks in the boo

Image Source: Instagram

This is another image which has a completely real scenario and everything about is definitely relatable to us! This prank is one of the oldest we could remember and it was a popular way to have fun! The artist was able to capture the emotion every kid feels when pulling it off and we love it!

17. This image also looks like it came out of a fairytale

Image Source: Instagram

This is an image that features beautiful details that make it look dreamy! It is like it was taken out of a fairytale book! As you can see, it features some of the most typical Dutch things you could think of! The traditional wooden shoes, the windmill in the back and the tulip were incorporated into an unusual image like we have never seen before! It implies that the kid actually shrank in size and was off to explore the world.

18. Here is an image that features a curious detail

Image Source: Instagram

This image is one of the best on the list and the reasons for that are numerous! It reminds us of some adventure movies we have seen in hour time where the characters make magical discoveries in magnificent libraries! The spirit captured in the image is definitely like the one we feel in such movies! However, there is another thing that is even more curious. When you look at the far right part of the picture, you will see a duck with shoes on that also has a camera!

19. This image is stunning and surreal

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another image which captures an adventurous moment! It looks surreal because a wind strong enough to lift the kid in the air would shatter the umbrella, too. Despite this fact, it looks really cool and it delivers the right emotions! It also shows that a father would always be by his son’s side no matter what!

20. Here is one the best images on the list

Image Source: Instagram

This is probably on the best ideas the artist had about blending two images to create a mind-bending illusion! As you can see, this brilliant composition was done incredibly good and all the tiny details turn it into a stunning piece of art! It is definitely one the best things the artist was able to create!

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