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Someone Kept Blocking This Guy’s Car, So He Used His Skills To Teach Him A Lesson

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This is the story of a guy from Australia who owned a car and has a reserved parking spot. As if often the case when one has a reserved parking spot, another inconsiderate person was parking in it. The man told the whole story on reddit.

Technically, he had two spots, and someone was using one of them, preventing him from going places when he wanted or needed to do so.

I can’t say that I have ever had a reserved parking spot. I’m just not important enough a person, I suppose. I have also never lived in an area where such a thing is technically necessary.

I have had people park their cars in front of my house in the spot where I usually park. It is not illegal or anything, but it is super frustrating. Naturally, it usually happens when it is raining, snowing, or super cold outside. The universe is not my biggest fan.

These are the posts about his story.

1. The Beginning of the Story

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Flickr (not the actual photo)

My only comment here is that the guy asked if what he was doing was petty. If you have to ask if you are doing something petty, you probably are.

I can’t judge petty people. I once had a friend who is one of the pettiest people you will ever meet. He had a neighbor he didn’t like, so he would routinely pee on the driver’s side door handle of the neighbor’s car. He managed to do so for years and managed to never get caught, which I find remarkable. I found the whole thing gross and considered calling the police on him, but I have to admit I was mildly impressed by his commitment to ‘his cause’ and ability to not get punished for what was technically a crime.

Eventually, the neighbor moved; I stopped being friends with that person because he did a lot of other petty things. He was the guy who would intentionally fart in your living room as often as possible because he found it funny. If we had been ten, it probably would have been funny, but we were in our mid-twenties.

I still have a friend who is kind of petty, but he is not nearly that bad.

2. Weeks of Being Irritated and the Notes

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

The problem here is that the guy to whom the spaces belonged couldn’t use his vehicle because of the other vehicle. That is unfortunate. I actually ran into that issue once when I was visiting a friend. I needed to leave his party early due to work-related reasons, but someone had parked behind me in the driveway. The person to whom that car belonged was nowhere to be found.

I eventually found the owner of that car. He had passed out in the bushes. He had consumed about five more beers than he should have consumed. Everything worked out fine, but I was extremely tired for work the next day.

I have never had a note left under my wiper blades, but I have had a lot of dumb advertisements left there. I think the worst was the sushi bar. If a sushi bar has to resort to leaving ads under your wiper blades, you probably don’t want to eat there. I tried that place once, and my intestines have never been like they once were.

3. The Time for the Tow

Image Source: Reddit

On the one hand, I can understand the guy’s desire to have the vehicle towed. That must have been a very frustrating situation for him.

On the other hand, and this is somewhat unrelated, I really despise businesses and shopping centers that have cars towed when it is not necessary to do so. I used to go into a city to socialize and such—back when I cared about meeting other people; I eventually stopped doing so, though, and not because I got sick of listening to tipsy twits whine about their lives. The parking situation in that city was ridiculous! It was basically impossible to leave your car overnight—which you sometimes have to do for one reason or another—without getting a ticket or having your vehicle towed.

If your vehicle was towed, you would be out well over $100. You also had to call a friend to drive you to the lot at which you could retrieve your vehicle, which also meant you had to buy that friend a meal, so you were out another $40 or so.

In the end, it just wasn’t worth the socializing. It is better to stay home and watch television.

4. Thinking About Sitting On The Hood

Image Source: Reddit

To be honest, I am the sort of person that definitely would have sat on the hood until the owner of the vehicle came to retrieve it.

I really am a very petty person. I am the kind of guy who is happy to ruin my day or even my weekend in order to make a point to a stranger. I would have sat on that hood for as long as it took—even if it did inconvenience my friends. They probably would not have been surprised by my decision to do so, which is why I don’t have many friends.

5. The Parents and the Device

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Kincrome

It is lucky that the gentleman who posted this has parents who live close by. That is almost always convenient. It is also a good thing that he knows how to restore cars and therefore had the needed device.

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Having your parents live nearby isn’t always a blessing, though. I had a friend who lived down the street from his parents, and the dad was always popping by without permission. He had a key to the house for some bizarre reason. Anyway, the dad once knocked on my friend’s bedroom door while my friend was engaged in intimate relations with his wife. It apparently made for a very awkward Christmas dinner. No one really wants to hear their kids grunting in such a fashion. Also, my friend’s wife is apparently a bit of a screamer in the bedroom.

6. The Bright Idea

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

I sort of have to admire this guy’s friends. I can only think of one friend who would cancel his plans to mess with a person who was irritating me. For that reason, he is a good friend. Like me, he can be a bit petty. We somehow manage to get along well.

He isn’t a good person, per se, but he is a good friend. At the very least, he is extremely loyal to me.

7. The Motor Bike and the Monday

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

I might be kind of ticked if someone moved my motor bike, but I wouldn’t get too upset as long as I could find it and it was in a good condition.

I wonder what this guy did on his long weekend. I haven’t had a long weekend for a few years. The last time I had one, I went to a funeral, and that was kind of a bummer. The food at the reception was pretty good, though. There were these fantastic pickles, and I wish I knew where the widow purchased them. It seemed inappropriate to ask, however. “Sorry you lost the love of your life, but can you tell me where you got the pickles?” is not an appropriate thing to say at a funeral.

I can’t stand funerals. If you are a guy, you pretty much have to wear a suit. Are there men out there who actually enjoy wearing a suit? They are uncomfortable! I know that a lot of women think men look best in a suit, but I am the sort of guy that really doesn’t care what women think I look best in—which is why I am alone.

8. A Visual Picture of What Transpired

Image Source: Reddit

I understand that it is sort of hard to picture what actually transpired. To be honest, I couldn’t really picture it perfectly myself. All I know for sure is that a guy got really ticked off because someone was making his life more difficult and did stuff to that person as a result.

The picture above might explain it all.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that people should follow proper parking rules, whether you are on a public street or in a private garage.

9. The First Part of the Explanation

Image Source: Reddit

I understand why the guy is sort of ticked at the owner of the other car; that is totally understandable.
On the other hand, whoever designed the parking in the building kind of dropped the ball a little bit. The whole situation seems a bit more difficult than it actually needs to be.
I really hate having to park in garages. I once waited about a half hour after parking in a garage while trying to retrieve my car. These were in the days before I owned an iPhone, so you can imagine how brutal those thirty minutes were. I had nothing to do! I just kind of stood around breathing in carbon monoxide.

10. The Comment About Work

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently people have asked this guy about his parking situation, which is just proof that there are a lot of bored people on the internet.

While I feel bad for the guy who told this story, it is also hard to feel too bad for a person who can walk to work. My friend is constantly complaining about his job, but he literally lives across the street from the place. He has a two minute commute.

11. The Point About the Police

Image Source: Reddit

This whole thing happened in Australia. Police are apparently a bit different in Australia. Police in the United States—at least where I live—will consider a vehicle abandoned if the driver is away from it for more than twenty minutes and the officer has some sort of vague reason to write a ticket.
I don’t really have anything against police officers, but I do know a couple—and they have confirmed that their bosses expect them to bring in a certain amount of money every month via tickets and fines. That’s not cool. That’s why you should never drive quickly at the end of month—even a little speeding can get you in a lot of trouble. If you are going above the speed limit and there is an officer around, you should expect a ticket.

12. The Comment About the Movie

Image Source: Reddit

I also thought of that “Austin Powers” moment when I read about this whole situation. I loved those movies. They were sort of silly, true, but they were a lot of fun. It is hard to believe the last one came out sixteen years ago. In a weird way, it seems like only yesterday when I saw the original. I can remember the exact theater and who I was with. It was a big group of us; I only talk to one of those people anymore, which is sort of sad.

I read that there might be a fourth “Austin Powers” in the works, but I somehow doubt that film will ever actually see the light of day. I assume that Mike Myers would be willing to reprise his role as Austin Powers, of course; as far as I know, he’s not doing much these days. Are they making another “Shrek”? I assume they are. They’ll milk that cow until it is completely out of milk.

Instead of making another “Austin Powers” movie, I wish Mike Myers would make another “Wayne’s World” movie. Two were made, and I always thought it should be a trilogy. It would be kind of weird to see Myers portray a young-ish man considering he is in his 50s, but I bet a lot of kids who grew up in the 1990s would enjoy seeing Wayne again. The first film was absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you should immediately find some way to watch it. For all I know, it might be on Netflix.

13. The Comment About the Pool

Image Source: Reddit

Well, I suppose Kellie has the right to do whatever she wants with her car space. That’s sort of a weird thing to do with it, but it is her car space.

I agree that it is not too much to ask. Can’t she just contact the managers of the apartment? I suppose she could just leave a nasty note, but why go to the effort if property management can handle the situation for you? I have found it is best to avoid confrontation whenever humanly possible.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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