13 Times People Had The Last Laugh On Their Last Day Of Work

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Regardless of how much time you spent working for a certain employer, the last day on the job is related to a lot of different emotions in most cases; the feeling is more or less bittersweet.

Whatever the case is, chances are the last working day would be an extraordinary one – whether you make your last move in the ongoing office war or spend the day talking to the colleagues while doing none of the work, you just need to make it a memorable one and move on.

1. The office wars are an endless source of prank ideas

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A Nicolas Cage meme printed on the office carpet is the ultimate move to state that you feel like a winner.

2. Restaurant workers often treat their colleagues with a cake to say ‘goodbye’

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Things apparently went slightly different than usual, because this guy’s colleagues surprised him with a whipped cream shower. We guess that he had a literally sweet final day on the job.

3. The language is a bit of inappropriate, but who cares

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Despite the language, the sign is still informative, and the best part is that the management could not do anything to the employee, since he was already off the job.

4. Apparently you can do whatever you want on your last day

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Most people think that they could do whatever they want since it was the last day on the job, and this person did not hesitate to ruin the birthday cake of a coworker.

5. Since it’s your last day, why follow dress codes when you have the opportunity to show up wearing something ridiculous

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If you and your coworkers get along well, you could always surprise them with a weird outfit on your last day at the office and show them a part of yourself that you kept hidden the whole time. The person on the photo clearly enjoys his Batman mask and has probably made everyone’s day a bit more positive.

6. Another example of a dress code exception

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These girls seem pretty happy about their last day on the job and judging by their outfits, they had a party mood on instead of a working one. But who actually works on their last day anyway?

7. The coworkers that really liked you would probably send you off with a prank

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This is the perfect example of a proper send off. Despite being a pain to clean all the sticky notes, the attention that these people paid to their colleague was remarkable. The important thing is to say ‘goodbye’, regardless of the means necessary.

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8. Saying goodbye with style

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This guy knew that after he was done with this despicable deed, he would simply go home, and his coworkers would have to spend a lot of time restoring the order. Imagine the trolling they must be doing to each other in that store. This is the perfect prank.

9. A genius employee Photoshopped his head on one of the displays

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This must have been a carefully planned and executed operation, and it turned out to be a complete success because nobody noticed the manipulation even after the employee left the job. We wonder if it is still there.

10. Having a brilliant sense of humor makes quitting the job hilarious

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The proper way of leaving work should be something similar to this. Bringing a smile to everyone’s face will guarantee you that you will be always remembered by your coworkers as a good guy.

11. This woman must be very sure that she will be missed

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This thoughtful employee decided to comfort her colleagues about the huge gap in the team that is going to be left after she’s gone. Of course, everything was done just for laughs.

12. Getting pranked on the last day of work is classic

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We guess that this person’s coworkers simply decided to help him pack his stuff, and they overdid it on purpose.

13. Everyone would feel honored after such a gift

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This man’s coworkers really paid their respects to him with this amazing portrait. This is how a good colleague and friend should be sent off.

Written by Sven Miller

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