18 Husbands And Wives Whose Creativity Definitely Deserves An Award

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They say life teaches the best lessons and we couldn’t agree more. Everyday obstacles are what builds one’s character. Needless to say, people react differently when they are faced with a certain problem. While some give up, others simply wait for someone else to come up with a solution. There are, however, those who never wait for a helping hand. They do what it takes to reach their goal, no matter what. This applies to common household problems, too. As the list below suggests, some wives and husbands can really think outside the box when they need to. Their ideas and creativity are admirable.

1. The icepack

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Some people can’t have a drink without putting some ice in it. Well, not all of them can think of this clever hack in case they don’t have ice! We think this solution is nothing but brilliant and we’ll give it a try for sure!

2. The vacuum

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This made us wonder why didn’t we think of it sooner? We guess that all great ideas are always this simple but it takes a brilliant person to come up with them, too! It looks like this is a neat house trick!

3. The labels

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It seems that this is something every household needs! These labels are not just some random numbers. Each jar has a label indicating the minutes needed for the type of pasta in it requires to be cooked to perfection.

4. The goggles

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Nobody likes chopping onion and we all know why. It seems that tears are inevitable but someone proved that to be wrong. These swim goggles seem to be the perfect protection device!

5. The pacifier

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Sometimes, the most unusual ideas seem to work like a charm. Who would have thought that an old pacifier can be the perfect bottle cork, right? It appears that it looks a bit out of place but who cares.

6. The toaster hack

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This is as simple as kitchen hacks can get. Using the toaster to reheat pancakes seems so natural that we wonder why we never do it. Cold pancakes are hard to chew but we will use the toaster next time.

7. The light

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What happens when the power goes out and it’s dark outside? You light up a candle, just like most people do. But this woman had a different idea. She put a flashlight into an empty milk bottle and you can see the result – a perfect lamp.

8. The ice cream holder

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It seems that ice cream is one of those foods that could equally delicious and messy in the same time. One husband, however, decided to find a way to carry more than a few cones without making a mess. An egg carton did the trick!

9. The makeshift refrigerator

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Saving your Lunchables snack when your refrigerator is broken appears to be impossible. Well, not if you have the right skills. A woman decided to keep the box cool, so she simply taped it over the air vent.

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10. The egg beater

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Not all heroes wear capes; some wear power tools on their belt! This husband found an incredible way to beat some eggs. His unusual approach seemed to be a success and he probably left that electric drill in the kitchen.

11. The stand mixer

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This is not exactly a power tool but it did an equally good job at shredding some chicken filet. As you can see, the stand mixer in this wife’s kitchen did a great job and we guess this hack is pretty useful for every household.

12. The candle

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Some people have the knowledge to surprise their partners in the most amazing ways! As you can see, one husband surprised his spouse by creating a candle himself. He used an orange peel and filled it with olive oil. We believe its scent was amazing, too.

13. The paperclip

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Want to have a martini at home but you are out of toothpicks for the olives? Not to worry, as this wife has come up with the ultimate solution: she used a paperclip to hold it in place and we are in awe!

14. The tablet

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Most housewives love watching a cooking show or a TV series while preparing dinner but they all have a common problem – there is usually nowhere to put their phone or tablet. Here is the simple solution one wife came up with.

15. The coffee maker

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Seeing this made us realize how fast we could boil eggs from now on! This woman didn’t want to wait for the water to heat on the stove so she used her coffee maker and boiled some eggs.

16. Re-gluing a tube base with nail polish remover.

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This is yet another great #wifehack. Actually I would’ve never thought of that.

17. Dude Wipes on the go

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This wife is making sure to have everything that is needed in her house. This is yet another great idea. She orders the wipes every once in a while, just to make sure it’s all good.

18. The best $50 spent

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This wife invested $50 for the new supernintendo and now her husband is stuck playing. Well played lady, well played!

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