14 Times People Definitely Did Not Deserve They Day They Had

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Some days seem to be endless, and these are usually the days in which nothing seems to go smooth. It seems that things could always go wrong in a way you never expected, no matter how hard you try. We all have such days, and when you feel that you are having one, you might was well give up. There is no point in struggling! You just need to accept whatever came your way and deal with it.

Check out the list and see how people had to go through situations they probably did not deserve at all.

1. We wonder if this was done on purpose

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There are some rather annoying things related to visiting a ball game! You need to deal with huge crowds and people who always happen to sit in your place! But there are some other things that could be even worse, and one of them is definitely the Kiss Cam! It can actually lead to a lot of awkward or embarrassing situations that nobody would like to experience! As you can see, this person was probably not in the mood to be highlighted, not to mention that he was alone.

2. Food-related disasters are the worst

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There are a lot of people who love the sensation of enjoying fine cuisine! However, there are other ways you can enjoy food except for its quality. Of course, we mean quantity! Enjoying a dozen burgers is better than eating just one! However, the joy of having an insane amount of food can be short-lived if you are not careful enough. As you can see, this person enjoyed his huge sandwich for just a few brief moments and then disaster struck!

3. This is one really funny message

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We have always admired people’s cooking skills! This is one of the things that look rather simple to do, but in reality it takes a lot of skills and experience. In order to gather that experience a certain individual must go through a lot of tough times and mistakes. These important lessons are just a part of the journey! As you can see, someone made a rather funny mistake that would require a lot of effort to clean after! Putting a plastic chopping board in the oven is not a great idea.

4. Here is one more food-related disaster

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This is the kind of photo you need to remember if you ever think that you are having a bad day! As you can see, someone was transporting a large quantity of meatballs when something happened and a lot of them spilled out. The mess they created is unbelievable and we guess it would require a lot of work to clean it. Many of the meatballs fell between and under the seats, making the mess even bigger. The guys at the carwash will not be happy.

5. Sometimes dating apps can play tricks on you

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In our modern society the traditional form of getting acquainted with someone is a rarity. We have a ton of dating apps which are much quicker than the traditional ways of looking for love. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows, because these apps have a lot of flaws. They can even be dangerous and you should be careful who you meet! Of course, the worst part is that it would take a lot of time to find out all the important things about your match, and this girl found out how that feels.

6. Wedding photos are the best

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We all like seeing wedding photos and videos, because they are either beautiful or extremely funny! We guess that photographers have one of the biggest responsibilities during a wedding ceremony, because they only have once chance to make it perfect! However, it does not always go as planned, because it is hard to take only perfect shots when you have hundreds of people moving around constantly. The photo you see here is a nice example!

7. We guess that a lot of people have done the same

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When you are bored or itchy for some reason, you frantically scratch yourself with the first item you are able to find. However, you need to be careful with that, or you may find yourself in a situation like the one in the photo! This girl realized that she was scratching her leg with a pen that was clicked! The end result is a disaster, and she probably regretted her decision. She must have scratched herself for quite a long time, judging by the ink marks!

8. Some accidents are not a pleasant sight

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Dropping your phone is a heart-stopping experience! Today’s smartphones are nothing like the devices we used to have a decade ago. There were a lot of indestructible machines similar to the Nokia 3310 back then. The modern smartphones are very fragile and this is why it is not a good idea to drop them anywhere! This person was really unlucky, because you can see what happened in the photo! This is what we call tough luck.

9. This person probably got the message

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We all know how Starbucks deliberately misspell people’s names on their cups of coffee. We guess that sometimes they push it too far, because one time they wrote ‘bald guy’ on someone’s cup! This is not the case here, but it is pretty funny as well! We are sure that whoever took this person’s order knew how to spell ‘Matt’, but they took the opportunity to troll yet another customer! Judging by the post, it worked, but the customer took it with a sense of humor.

10. This girl is going to be surprised when she wakes up

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This happens quite a lot, actually, but in most cases there is nobody sleeping in the back seat! If you are eating something or smoking a cigarette while your window is open, you can be sure that most likely the wind will send most of what you throw out of the window inside the car! It is just some laws of physics working as usual. We guess that the girl in the back will not be happy when she wakes up.

11. This is the worst seat on the whole train for sure

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If you ride the train on a daily basis, you are probably well familiar with all the perks of this means of transportation. You need to deal with a lot of annoying people, but it is just a part of the game. However, in some cases thing could become unbearable, and this person was in that kind of situation. As you can see, she probably has the worst view someone could possibly have while commuting.

12. Here is as story which sounds like a horror movie scene

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This is probably something that you never thought could happen, but as you can see, it happened to one woman! We are happy that she was able to stop her vehicle and get out unharmed! The shock that she probably felt must have been huge and she is lucky that she did not crash her vehicle. We guess that living in hotter places where snakes and insects thrive can have its downsides, and this is definitely one of them. Creepy crawlies can be found literally anywhere in locations with high temperatures.

13. Here is an unexpected way to ruin a darts game

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Believe it or not, a game of darts could become really intense! It involves a lot of skills and the difference between the points the players score could be really small, which creates the competitive atmosphere. However, it could all be ruined if someone does not know how to throw a dart. After a long game and a lot of darts thrown at the board, it takes one bad throw to ruin the whole game! The elderly woman who hit the reset button on this board did exactly that, but we are sure nobody was mad at her. If you look at this situation from another point of view, you will realize that it actually takes some skill to hit the tiny reset button on the board.

14. There seems to be a major problem with this copying machine

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Sometimes doing the most ordinary thing would be nearly impossible. Dealing with machines is always unpredictable and it may go smooth most of the times, but in some cases it can take a turn for the worse! As you can see in this photo, an unnamed misfortunate teacher really had the most awful experience a person could have while operating a copying machine! These clever inventions are really helpful for a number of purposes, but no matter how good they were constructed, a malfunction is always around the corner! He learned that the hard way, and the mess that was created seems huge. Keep in mind that all of this is ink and it is definitely not easy to clean. We hope that nobody got hurt after this accident.

Written by Sven Miller

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