15 Twitter Posts Showing How Truly Awesome People Can Be

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Our modern society is full of challenges and you may think that having thousands of people around you is stressing but it is actually a blessing. You see, people can be difficult sometimes but they can also be awesome! The tweets below are the perfect proof of that.

1. The grandpa

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Dads are notorious for their special kind of humor but this grandfather excelled at it. After all, he was only a father before he became a grandpa, which is a whole different level. As you can see, he found the best way to comment on a simple situation and we are sure those who are around him enjoy his sense of humor.

2. The situation

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Shoplifting is a huge no-no and there are many people whose job is to prevent that from happening or to punish the ones caught doing it. Still, there are moments such as this one when someone suggests something awesome. This veteran was surely a wholesome person for suggesting such a thing.

3. The dream

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People say that you should strive for success on every level. They say that you need to have it all – the money, the career, the status, the fame – the more, the better. Well, our opinion is that what you truly need is a person like the one described here. Someone that thinks of you like that is the real treasure you need to pursue.

4. The notification

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Kids are pure because they are not aware of all the wrongs of this world and they are not familiar with the concept of right and wrong. We guess that this person was proud of the way his daughter proved to him that she was the sweetest little thing. We would love to hear this girl shout that numerous times a day.

5. The kid

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People often joke about the fact that the road to one’s heart goes through their stomach. We believe that there is some truth to that and this tweet proves it. The kid surely enjoyed the yogurt but we guess that it was enough for him to express his feelings for the stranger who gave him the treat.

6. The moment

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There are many moments in life when people happen to be in the right place at the right time. They might not be aware of that but once it happens, it will become apparent. It seems that people who are looking for signs will find them with the help of others, just like in this case. There is no wonder what happened here.

7. The positive vibe

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It seems that this is what many people would really appreciate hearing from time to time. It is no secret that most of us have insecurities that are often related to our appearance. Needless to say, some encouragement is a much-needed addition to many individuals’ daily lives and this tweet adds it.

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8. The babysitter

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The compromise made here was a huge one and we believe it will not turn into a habit but the best part about the situation was the happiness of the kid. It topped off the charts and the babysitter knew that she should not deny a kid some ice cream even if it was not the best kind of breakfast.

9. The dollar

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Needless to say, little sisters can be annoying but that is only part of the whole experience. In reality, sisters are a true blessing because they care about their siblings so much they often do the most awesome things. In this case, a single dollar was enough to cheer this person up.

10. The other babysitter

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Sometimes, the bothering behavior of someone could actually have a reasonable explanation. This person was surely not happy to see this movie over and over again but this became a wholesome thing. The babysitter found out that the kid wanted to make her happy and this is all that matters, really.

11. The dogs

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Here is a fact that nobody could deny! Dog lovers know that these four-legged angels are waving their tails for literally no reason at all. In fact, dogs do not need a reason to be happy because they understand life differently compared to us. This is why we could learn from them and enjoy every little moment.

12. The love

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Well, there is not much we could add here except the fact we are all humbled by the short story this person tweeted. It shows how genuine the relationship between kids can be. We hope they will keep the same strong bond when they grow and have the same strong love for each other.

13. The dad

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The family described here is the absolute dream of every person who wants a home filled with joy and laughter. This father knew how to raise true gentlemen and to teach them to have the respect they need to show towards the adults. As you can see, the person who tweeted this also wanted to have such a family.

14. The drive-through

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The relationship between two people who are in love is always different because it depends on the people’s personalities and the circumstances. In this case, you can easily tell that these two are madly in love despite the fact they are probably married for a long time. We love hearing or seeing such stories.

15. The boys

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Adults always appreciate it when they see kids who have a different outlook on life. It seems that these boys had a particular idea about having a good time and the waitress obviously enjoyed waiting on them. They even tipped her more than she expected.


Written by Sven Miller

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