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18 Amazing Facts You Will Find Hard To Believe That Sound Totally FAKE

9. Penguins drink salt water.
Although salt water is extremely dangerous to humans if we drink too much of it, it doesn’t have the same effect on penguins. Rather, they have a gland which acts as a filter, to separate the salt from the water, and so they can drink as much as they want without any ill effects. That would be awesome if humans could do the same!

Image source: Ken FUNAKOSHI(flickr)

10. You can boost your walking workout with a simple tip!
Swinging your arms when walking may seem beneficial, as you’re working your arms more. However, in actual fact, if you don’t swing your arms, it makes the walking a lot more effort, and so boosts the effect of the workout. By not swinging, the effort is increased by 12% – that’s the equivalent of if you were walking 20% faster, or carrying a heavy backpack – so if you want to enjoy the countryside as you walk, don’t swing your arms, and you can walk slower and enjoy more time walking.

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11. ‘The Snake Man’ was bitten over 173 times in his 100 year life.
His secret to survival was that he injected himself with all the different types of snake venom every day for around 60 years. This allowed his body to build up an immunity to the bites. He then spent his days travelling around the world donating his blood to help save lives of 21 people who’d been bitten by snakes.

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12. We all have a ridiculous number of stars.
There are actually so many stars in the universe, that if we all had an equal share of stars, we would have over 44 trillion each.

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