18 People Who Got Extremely Creative In Solving Problems On A Budget

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We all face challenges on a daily basis and we must solve problems that are part of the hustle and bustle that every new day brings. While we give our best effort and rarely come up with something good, some individuals nail it every time! The list below shows examples of such solutions on a tight budget.

1. The cat contraption

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Cats can ruin any piece of furniture with their claws but if you want to keep your leather sofa or chairs looking like new, this is the hack you need to master. Someone was clever enough to add these ropes and cats would love them for sure.

2. The PC setup

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Now, this might not look like much but it shows the kind of solution you can come up with on a budget. If you need to have a working PC, you might want to call this person. It will not win any beauty contest but it will be cheap and running.

3. The key

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We know what it feels like to break your key and we know it could be expensive to get a new one done. This person obviously didn’t want to pay for an extra key and decided to repair it on their own. It is not pretty but it appears to be solid enough.

4. The bench

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There are many different types of benches out there and this one is among the weirdest ones possible! As you can see, someone installed bicycle seats and it looks as if they intended to have a few laughs after that. Nobody would sit here and that is a fact!

5. The headlight

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Headlight bulbs come in all shapes and sizes according to the standard required and the technology used. There are Xenon, Halogen, and even LED car headlight bulbs but the picture above suggests another option. Needless to say, this would never do a proper job and is not a real solution but it is a witty idea.

6. The phones

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Smartphones are versatile devices used by billions of people. You can use them for either leisure or business, it is up to you. Watching movies and calling someone is among the regular uses for a smartphone but someone obviously decided to use a few devices as tiles for some reason.

7. The shower

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We have seen some neat shower installs in our time but this exceeds everything we have admired so far. As you can see, someone used a faucet instead of a proper shower head. Still, it seems to be perfectly usable, although not aesthetic.

8. The scissors

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Here is yet another solution that only costs a few minutes of a welder’s time. This broken pair of scissors was probably going to end up in the trash bin but the person who decided to recycle and reuse it is someone we respect – nothing is truly meant for the trash bin if it can be saved.

9. The gas station

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Making the most of a service you offer would ultimately benefit your business. Needless to say, it is not possible for some lines of work but it worked like a charm for this gas station. They created a narrow filling lane fit for motorcycles.

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10. The room inspection

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We believe that students can be very creative when they need to get away with something and this situation proves it. When it was time for dorm inspection at the university, this person decided to hide a hole in the wall and avoid any questions that way.

11. The tiles

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Well, this is not a solution to some problem but it is something so absurd that we consider it to be nothing but fun. Someone had to follow a certain pattern when installing these tiles but you can see they decided to do it their own way.

12. The maze

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Someone came up with the only solution possible when a park needed to have its access restricted due to the COVID-19 situation. The management added a detour and now the maze had only one route to follow.

13. The reality

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Well, there is nothing to wonder about this message: it rhymes and it tells the truth, for you really shall pay the fine if you do not obey the sign. There is, however, something wrong with it – you cannot actually see what the sign says.

14. The stove

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It seems that people can come up with the best solutions in times when they need to act fast or to come up with something very important in no time. This person had to figure out how to cook these waffles on the stove and they found a solution.

15. The sign

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Well, this is one of those solutions that are not the kind we would approve but they also do what they are supposed to. In this case, they ran out of signs with arrows pointing in the right direction so they used what they had and this is the result.

16. The fork

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Needless to say, you could use a spoon instead of a fork but never a fork instead of a spoon. Someone obviously needed a fork and a big one, too. They used a handful of plastic cutlery to create the ultimate fork. We would never use this, though.

17. The shifter

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Anti-theft devices come in all shapes and sizes but this one is a DIY project that is just as simple as it is effective. Of course, the person who created this setup knew it looks like it was made by a blacksmith.

18. The protection

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One might think that you need a serious protective cover to keep your car safe from welding splatter but this person decided to do things on a budget. Wet paper towels do not seem to be the most effective solution but we believe it is worth the try. Plus, it is better than nothing.

Written by Sven Miller

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