19 Pics Showing Why We All Love Terry Crews

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Terry Crews is one of the most charismatic actors of our time, there is no doubt about that. The movies, the TV shows and the legendary series of Old Spice ads he starred in are all amazing, but it is his personality and impressive physique that really make him stand out. We all love him, and there is nothing that we don’t like about him, because he is flawless! The list below shows some of the reasons why he is so likable and how people accept him.

1. Here is one funny way to use his image

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This person keeps the actor’s image in his wallet, just in case he needs some discipline. And Terry Crews can definitely discipline everyone by simply looking at them from a photo!

2. In his typical style, the actor did that, too

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Terry Crews is active on social media and he came across the above person’s post. What he did next is why we love him! He actually did the same thing as that person and posted it on social media!

3. Some girl even had the same picture printed on her debit card

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We believe that this is how real fandom looks like! This girl was more than happy to have Terry Crews on her card. and we guess that it looks really good! And Terry Crews approved it!

4. We never knew the actor had such a talent

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It seems that Terry Crews is way more talented than we already knew he was! Being an illustrator is not for everyone, as it requires a lot of skills, but he is definitely skilled!

5. He used be an NFL player

Image Source: YouTube

Most people are probably unaware of this, but Terry Crews was actually a NFL player! His impressive physique is a hint, but we never knew he reached the NFL!

6. He was honored in a really impressive way for his sports achievements

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It seems that he was really successful as a NFL player because last year he was honored to become a part of the Greater Flint African American Hall Of Fame!


Image Source: You Tube

8. The actor is a real inspiration

Image Source: You Tube

He took part in the #MeToo movement, revealing that he was also an object of harrasment, despite the fact that his case was a relatively light one.

9. He firmly believes that speaking out loud is the right thing to do

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The actor considered all the people who took part in the movement and spoke about their experience to be really brave. We also believe that they all deserve all the respect they could get!

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10. Terry Crews and Rebecca King Crews are an adorable family

Image Source: Instagram

Terry Crews was only twenty years old when he married his beautiful wife and they are stil together, happy as ever! They really set an example for everyone!

11. They really look like they just got together

Image Source: Instagram

The actor and his wife look just as happy as newlyweds are! They are still going strong after nearly 30 years of marriage, which is impressive!

12. Terry wanted to impress everyone with these cute drinks

Image Source: Instagram

He really wanted to show how hot he and his wife are by ordering these coffee drinks! They look absolutely amazing and the actor joked that he and his wife were as hot as these cups of hot chocolate-flavored drinks.

13. The actor is a great father

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Crews is blessed with amazing wife and wonderful children, and he definitely knows that. He is very thankful for his family and often shows how much they mean to him!

14. This is an example of the above statement

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that the actor and his family are huge Black Panther fans, which is why he posted this image. He was proud to introduce his kids to the stars of the movie!

15. He always gets involved in funny situations

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that his awesome sense if humor is always active because it is a huge part of his personality. The image of a chat with his daughter he shared shows that!

16. He can literally transform himself

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When it comes to his line of work, he allows no room for compromise. Everything he does is up to his usual high standards, which made him the star he is today!

17. He has a cool taste for music

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Many peope would probably be surprised after reading this, but the actor is actually a BTS fan! Who knew that he likes K-Pop music? Well, it seems that Terry Crews could surprise us with literlly everything!

18. His performance as a participant in ‘Battledome’ was amazing

Image Source: YouTube

The actor really put on quite show when he took part in ‘Battledome’! You have probably seen it, but we would watch it over and over again!

19. The FlexCam must be reserved for him

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that Terry Crews really loves to show off his pecs, and we guess that he can do that every time he wants, because we love seeing him do it! He has a presence nobody else has!

Written by Sven Miller

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