16 Posts That Will Make You Think “What Am I Doing Here?”

Image Source: Reddit

The majority of amusing things you see on internet are often weird or simply ridiculous! Some of these things are so unbelievable that they make everyone wonder what went wrong with our evolution! We are glad that such things exist because we get to have fun when we see them. However, there are still moments when you feel like you want to get off this planet. The photos below would probably make you want to do exactly that. Enjoy this funny list and have fun!

1. Here is a warning that we totally respect

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you see a certain thing and you are so terrified of it that you immediately do what you need to do! In this case, you don’t mess with that woman no matter what happens! Of course, this was probably intended to be a joke, but there is just one creepy vibe coming from it that cannot be neglected. It is best to not mess with people like that. You never know where the funny part will end. Thing can get serious pretty quick!

2. This person should not be as proud as he looks

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that people have no remorse even when they need to! This is something that we noticed some time ago and we continue to see it everywhere. The photo you see is just another example! The photo suggests that this person knocked all these items off the shelf. We guess it was an accident, but what happened next is the curious part. Instead of trying to sort out the mess, the person who made it simply posed for a photo as if he finished an important task. This is just not right.

3. Marketing fails can be seen on every corner

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that marketers really try to put in all their skills and effort into creating a certain product, but it doesn’t mean that it is going to be a success, of course. As you can see, this print appears to be really stylish and modern, but that is the good part. The bad part is that it turned out to be a complete nonsense! It reads really hard and probably a few people would get the message after a lot of struggle. They should rework it.

4. This is not how a pizza should look like

Image Source: Reddit

We have said it before and we will say it once more – pizza is sacred! Anyone who messes with one of the top favorite foods of the majority of people in the world! It needs to be treated with respect and people need to know that it is not a simple thing at all! This is why we have always had second thoughts about prefabricated pizzas. When you look at this one, you will also have trust issues next time you are about to buy one!

5. Now this is one portrait that cannot boost anyone’s self-esteem

Image Source: Imgur

One of the best ways to make yourself feel significant is to order your own portrait to a painter. This is probably something a lot of you have already done. Unfortunately, sometimes the desired result is not achieved and the whole attempt backfires! We guess that thus girl’s self-esteem did not skyrocket after she saw her new portrait! We think that the image in the painting looks like a shy ghost, which was definitely not what the girl needed.

6. You need to be careful with your private data

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that people are getting more and more careless about the protection of their data! This is a real problem, because modern technology allowed scammers to use it in all kinds of ways. We guess that social media helps them, because people are reckless and they often fail to protect their private data. In fact, some individuals are so naïve that they willingly share important info! As you can see, this person shared their debit card details on social media!

7. We hope that this is nothing but a joke

Image Source: eBaum’s World

There are times when we see a post or an image and we are not sure what to think. It is just serious enough to be believable but it is also ridiculous enough to be nothing more than a joke. This post is a nice example! It better be a joke, because we cannot believe that someone would brag about graduating from home school! It sound weird and it is not even an actual thing! Nobody graduates from home school.

8. Personal style means that you can do whatever you want with your outfit

Image Source: eBaum’s World

We believe that people should express themselves in any possible way, as long as they do not offend someone, of course. However, in certain cases expressing personal taste and preferences may be considered to be weird by other people. This person obviously made a decision that is more than weird! We are not sure what these are and we definitely hope they are not shoes that you can buy off the shelf.

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9. Here is a sign that was put there for a reason

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Warning signs exist for a reason. In some cases they are put in a certain place to prevent something that already happened. If this is the case with the sign you see here, we definitely do not want to know what happened in that store! Of course, everyone with a wild imagination is free to think about it. We guess that if we knew, it would be among the most disturbing things ever.

10. This is something really curious to see

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This object looks curious and we are sure that most of you immediately guessed what it is. Yes, this is a fancy-looking cake! However, there are some details that raise a few questions. Of course, the main thing we are curious about is related to the decoration on top. We get that it is supposed to look like some kind of a fancy book, but the question is why is there a golden poo on top? It looks totally out of place but we guess it was part of the initial idea.

11. Please don’t let this become a trend

Image Source: Twitter

Ladies love taking their time when it comes to cosmetic procedures. We guess that every woman needs to feel special! This is why all the hours spent at the beauty salon are worth it! However, sometimes the regular procedures at the salon are replaced by experiments that ladies prefer in order to achieve a unique end result. As we all know, unique does not equal good! The photo you see here proves it. This is the most ridiculous nail style ever!

12. Not this is one really awkward situation

Image Source: Twitter

We often find ourselves in different situations that can be described with only one word – awkward! As you can see in the screenshot above, one person really nailed the worst possible thing to say and created a really awkward situation! We are sure that the person who went in to cash the check was not offended that much, but her sorrow for her lost relative was probably more than visible, which is unfortunate.

13. This is the funniest product package we have seen in a while

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Sometime marketers really do the best they can to create a product that stands out from the rest. They have different strategies which they use depending on the product. Of course, there are universal ways to do it which always work! As you can see, this product features one of the funniest packages there are! They conveniently specified that all you need in addition to the straw is a smoothie.

14. Here is what happens when cosmetic procedures go wrong

Image Source: Twitter

We need to remind everyone that the majority of cosmetic procedures are not a joke! They might seem easy to do, but there are a lot of tricky little details that often make all the difference. As you can see, this person decided to use a lip enhancer but things went really wrong! She did not take into account that her skin was really gentle and bruises rather easy. The result of the lip enhancer treatment is really not something to show off and she was probably frustrated, but we hope everything went back to normal soon enough.

15. This is not something we could tolerate


The delicate matter of racial differences is what this photo is all about. This receipt is something that really puzzled us and we cannot believe that someone was able to write that down and mean it! We also guess that any further comment would be pointless and all is left for us is to hope that it was meant to look like it does!

16. People love overreacting in just about any situation

Image Source: Imgur

You might say that there are less and less drama queens out there, but we beg to differ! Just look at the person above and the caption of the selfie! It sounds like a bad joke, but it seems that he meant it! This is an indication of the bad influence social media has on us. We are addicted to our social media accounts and our lives are literally dependent on them.

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