25 Ladies Shared On Twitter When Men Said Ridiculous Things About Their Bodies

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Men sometimes say inappropriate things and we cannot help but wonder why that happens regularly. The reason for these situations is either ignorance or recklessness but one thing is for sure – saying something inappropriate is a sign of poor manners. Still, there are moments when men never meant to say something offensive but it still happens. The tweets below describe such situations. Well, this is the kind of situation that could

1. The brother

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Well, this is the kind of situation that could be described as both weird and wholesome. This person asked a weird question but he had good intentions after all and showed sympathy.

2. The question

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Now, this is the kind of inappropriate question that could instantly make ladies feel furious, to say the least. Nobody should say something like that, because booking a medic is a necessity, not a pleasure.

3. The opinion

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This person tweeted something that looks like a joke but you can see that it is not. Someone really meant what they said and this is a ridiculous thing, regardless of how you look at it.

4. The ex

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This woman should be thankful that she is no longer in a relationship with a person who thinks that a woman’s period is something to be ashamed of. This man had no idea.

5. The meat

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Of all the absurd things we have heard in our time, this must be one of the most ridiculous ones. There are moments when we begin to question some people’s knowledge of the human body.

6. The health class

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Here is yet another example of a person who was not aware of some of the biological functions of women’s bodies. You can see how wrong their assumption was.

7. The argument

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Men sometimes believe they know better even when it comes to caring for women’s private parts. This is simply impossible and this man was surely not convinced about what he was talking about.

8. The person

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Here is yet another situation that could happen to anyone but it seems that not everyone would take it the right way. It seems this person panicked and accused the girl of something that never happened.

9. The husband

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This person obviously had no idea how the human body works. There are moments when we think many people skipped biology class in school.

10. The tampon

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Well, men can sometimes act like they understand certain things about girls but they could not be more wrong. In this case, one person actually thought the girl could “hold it”.

11. The guy

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Now, this is something special! As you can see, someone really believed that all women’s periods were synced thanks to the moon. This is hilarious to see!

12. The story

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It seems that even major events such as a space mission can also be marked by men’s ignorance of feminine products and cycles. This is what happened to astronaut Sally Ride.

13. The explanation

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Needless to say, some people have yet to understand the details behind a woman’s body features and functions but this person missed even the basics.

14. The sadness

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This person was surely baffled to be asked such a question and you can see why. This person really thought that every period resulted in such a way.

15. The relative

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There are numerous crazy theories about this matter but we have never heard of a more bizarre one. We are sure that whoever this relative was, the person who tweeted the story never spoke to them again.

16. The fit

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There are moments when people try to make others believe in their own crazy theories and this is what happened here. This man had no idea about what he talked about.

17. The doctor

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We will never tolerate inappropriate behavior from strangers but this man crossed the line. The girl was right to replace him immediately.

18. The sins

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We cannot believe how some people behave especially when they are fulfilling their duties. This person should probably pursue another carerr.

19. The high school

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The things people learn can sometimes shock them to the point when they would doubt the truth. It seems that these boys learned a valuable lesson.

20. The body

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Parents need to learn a thing or two about the private life of their kids without getting in the way and this person obviously needs a lot of education.

21.The pregnancy

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There are moments when men show complete ignorance toward the woman’s body and this leads to hilarious situations such as this one.

22. The college

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This person is living life to the fullest, or that is what it seems, at least. He found a way to be happy which is the most important thing of all.

23. The ban

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This father was mostly trying to protect his daughter but he got it all wrong because his idea of a tampon is very wrong.

24. The first tweet

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Here is how one person decided to start this topic. Many people joined the action and surely did not regret it.

25. The date

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Here is yet another man who thought that women actually embedded their periods in a certain type of pattern but he ended up losing the girl.

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