12 People Who Just Clearly Did Not Get What Was Going On

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It can be easy to get confused. It is common to get out of a chair and forget why you stood up in the first place. Everyone misplaces their keys or their phone once in a while. That is just normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

There are some clueless people out there, though. It is almost scary just how clueless some people can be. I assume those people aren’t clueless all of the time; how would they function? Sometimes, you just don’t understand what is happening.

Here are thirteen examples of people who just didn’t know what was going on in a situation.

1. The Cereal Bar

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Cereal bars are great. Sometimes you want a nice bowl of cereal, but you don’t have the time. People get busy, and they are great snacks for when you are in a hurry.

I have no idea what led this person to think that cereal bars are supposed to separate in milk. If you have time to have a bowl of cereal, just eat a bowl of cereal. Regular cereal is a lot cheaper than the bars are, after all.

Everyone has their favorite cereal. Personally, I kind of like Lucky Charms. The marshmallows, in particular, are delicious. In fact, I believe Lucky Charms is the first cereal to have marshmallows as part of its recipe. I also like the leprechaun. His name, unsurprisingly, is Lucky. He seems like a friendly leprechaun.

If you want an example of an unfriendly leprechaun, you should watch the movie “Leprechaun”, which came out in 1993. It was the first film Jennifer Aniston starred in, and she has publicly admitted she is embarrassed by it.

The critics weren’t very kind to the movie—in fact, the reviews were positively awful—but there were still several sequels released. Another sequel is set to be released in 2019.

2. The Person Who Doesn’t Know How to Cook Pasta

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I find it incredibly hard to believe that this is not some sort of joke. Doesn’t everyone know how to properly cook pasta? Most people I know eat pasta at least once a week.

I am no chef, certainly; most of my meals are microwaved, but I still know how to cook pasta. It is one of the easiest things in the world to make. All you have to do, essentially, is boil water.

If the person who did this really thought that was the proper way to cook and serve pasta, he or she is truly clueless.

If you are a pasta lover and live in the United States, you have probably been to an “Olive Garden” restaurant. The brand has been around for 35 years now, and it remains insanely popular. There are hundreds of them in the United States, and the prices are pretty reasonable. The salad is delicious, but I wouldn’t recommend it—the dressing has a high calorie content.

You can also enjoy a meal at an Olive Garden restaurant in many countries outside of the United States, including Canada, Kuwait, and Mexico.

3. The Driving Instructor Named Dave

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It really is good to, when possible, use last names when you save contacts to your phone. This is a great example of why it can be so important to do so. If I were the driving instructor, I would have been incredibly confused. I’m sure Dave didn’t get into the business so he could be called nasty names by his students. He was really nice about the whole thing, considering.

I have to use last names. I know so many people named Matt, Rob, Will, and John. It is extremely easy to send a text to the wrong person—even if you happen to have last names saved. You really do have to be careful.

4. The Vodka in the Freezer

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A lot of people keep their vodka in the freezer. It doesn’t really freeze, so doing so keeps the vodka nice and chilled for when you’re in the mood for a drink.

You probably shouldn’t keep vodka in a water bottle and stick it in the freezer, though, especially not when there are kids in the house. That is a dumb move. When vodka is in a water bottle, it just looks like water.

I almost find it hard to believe that Valerie, who is only in 8th grade, got drunk. Wouldn’t she have noticed the taste of the vodka almost immediately and spit it out on the ground? I suppose the taste of vodka, depending on the brand and quality, can be sort of subtle. Still, you think she would have noticed something was off about her water.

I hope Valerie ended up okay. It isn’t good for kids that young to drink even a small amount of alcohol, obviously.

5. The T-shirt and the Break

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I would like to think the young woman in this image is making a joke, because she obviously broke something.

I have never broken an arm, leg, ankle, or foot. Everyone else I know has—at least once. I am not a particularly lucky person otherwise, so I’m kind of surprised.

Then again, I have had a spinal fusion, so I guess you could say I broke my back.

When I think of things that are supposedly unbreakable, I naturally think about “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, which is a show that can be watched on Netflix. It is about a young woman who spent 15 years in a cult; you wouldn’t expect a show with such a premise to be a comedy, but it is actually pretty hilarious. It stars Ellie Kemper, who also played the character Erin on the American version of “The Office”.

6. The Video Games

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I like video games, so I have spent a fair amount at GameStop. It a great place to buy new and used video games. I have nothing against the company, and I always enjoy popping in the store and seeing what is new.

test ad

It is not a great place to sell video games, though. This person is trying to sell pretty old games. Nintendo stopped making the Wii a long time ago. I doubt GameStop would pay anything at all for games that old. They would probably charge you to throw them away for you.

It is hard to imagine a world without GameStop, but that may happen five or ten years down the line. Most people just download their games now. It is kind of nice to own a disc or a cartridge, but they are also sort of inconvenient.

7. David and Angelique

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I feel really bad for Angelique. It is always hard to ask a person out on a date.

If you are lucky, the other person will say “yes”. If that person says “no”, you can only hope they’ll reject you in a polite way that won’t embarrass you. This one is kind of embarrassing for Angelique.

I wonder what Angelique did to David to make him act like such a jerk.

Still, Angelique should probably get a clue and realize David will never be into her. In life, you sometimes have to just accept that the person you have a thing for will never date you.

8. The Screenshot

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A screenshot doesn’t show how badly a phone’s screen is cracked. Everyone should know that by now. The girlfriend should learn to use an iPhone. I know people in their 80s who use iPhones.
It drives me nuts how easy it is to damage the screen of an iPhone—and how much the screens cost to repair. If you throw a phone across the room once, you are probably out at least a hundred bucks.

In all seriousness, though, they are pretty fragile devices considering how much they cost.
I also haven’t been terribly impressed by a new iPhone feature in a couple of years. I plan on holding onto the one I have now for as long as it still technically works, and it currently does. As long as I can check my email and browse the web—as well as make phone calls and send texts—my phone suits me just fine.

9. The Guy That Got the Tattoo

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This is a pretty ugly tattoo. The message is nice enough, I suppose, but the tattoo artist clearly needed more training. This was not done well. What sort of tattoo parlor would employ the person who did this tattoo?

I agree with “Blacknmild”; the guy in this image should probably give up on tattoos. There are other ways he can express himself. He could start writing poetry, for example.

He should probably look into having that tattoo removed. How will anyone ever be able to take him seriously?

10. The Teacher and the Student

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I really hope this is all some sort of joke. If the student didn’t realize that her teacher was just asking her to put the date on her paper, she probably needs to be sent back to kindergarten. I don’t see a bright future for her. She probably won’t become a doctor.

I suppose it is possible that Olivia just has a massive ego and thinks every person on the planet wants to date her.

Even if the whole thing is a joke, it isn’t a very funny one. Considering all of the stories in the news, it isn’t funny to make jokes about teachers who want to have affairs with their students.

11. The Boyfriend’s Phone

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Unless you have been happily married for 20 years or more, you probably don’t want to know what is on your significant other’s phone. They have probably been texting or calling their ex. Sadly, no one can be trusted in this day and age.

You probably don’t want to check their social media profiles either. There is a very good chance that at least one of their friends or followers is someone they have had a romantic history with, and they probably message them more regularly than you would like to think. Ignorance really can, in certain situations, be bliss.

12. The Depressed Kid in the Backseat of the Car

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This would be a great picture of the guy, if it weren’t for the fact that a young man in the backseat looks distraught. The expression on his face is sort of heartbreaking, really. It is just so sad. The guy in the picture probably should have been focused on the kid, not taking a great picture of himself to post on social media.

Depression is no joke, obviously. Major depressive disorder, which is also known as MDD, affects hundreds of millions of people, and many die of suicide because of the condition.

There are many risk factors for the condition, including a family history, substance abuse, and health problems.

For those with minor depression, exercise may help. For more serious cases, speaking to a mental health professional is almost always necessary. If you have been feeling depressed for a while, you should speak to a professional counselor if possible.

Written by Sven Miller

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