25 People Who Realized That Living With Roommate Was The Worst

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Chances are that most of you know what it’s like to have a roommate! While it can be a lot of fun, it can also be a huge burden! It all depends on the people, of course! Sometimes roommates have equal schedules and interests and they are a perfect match but in other cases it is the exact opposite! Roommates can be extremely annoying or funny and the list below focuses on the both types.

1. One roommate decided to get a mousetrap

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Well, he did find a solution but his roommate was definitely against it.

2. Here is the surprise one person left their roommate

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We guess that it is not the most romantic thing in the world but it is a nice prank idea!

3. This was found by one roommate when he attempted to defrost the fridge

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It seems that another flat mate decided to show their skills and have some fun with the ice inside.

4. Here is the last thing you would like to see after waking up

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The clever and scary setup you see was left as a surprise from one roommate to another.

5. Now this is what we call a prank

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This person’s roommates turned his bedroom into a utility closet and we are left speechless!

6. Here is a person who knows how to pull a prank on their roommate

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The unsuspecting person had to get up very early in the morning and they are in for a surprise!

7. Here is what a person found in their wallet, which happened to set off store alarms

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Apparently their roommate hid it inside their wallet six months ago!

8. This is what happens when you lose your keys and you trust your roommate to get you a new set

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As you can see, they do look fabulous but it was not what this person expected.

9. One of the roommates in this flat had to spend some time in Australia

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When he returned, he realized that his roommates made his room disappear!

10. You should be careful when you try to change your roommate’s habits

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This person told their flat mate to put the toilet paper backwards, so he did!

11. Now this is a surprise

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This person’s roommate had a fear of clowns and we guess they pissed their pants after seeing this.

12. Here is another clever prank

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One roommate put bubble wrap under the carpet for the other one to step on and be shocked by the sound.

13. Someone bought a mannequin

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We are sure that this person’s roommates would not approve the purchase!

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14. This roommate found an interesting way to pay rent

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Well, at least they paid it instead of finding various excuses!

15. Here is a simple prank done by a roommate

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He tied the only thing that cut easily cut through that zip tie. It is a brilliant prank.

16. This is a hilarious hint

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A person did this especially for their roommate and we consider it a fine way to troll someone!

17. Someone made a key for their roommate

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We guess it is not a bad choice considering the roommate was a 6’ 6’’, 250-pound male!

18. One of the roommates was supposed to bring a girl with him one night

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And this is the setup that was made in his bedroom by one of the other residents!

19. Someone received a photo of their roommate in an embarrassing position

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Naturally, this person used the opportunity to troll him and made a coffee mug with the picture on it!

20. This is why you should never fall asleep at parties

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This person’s roommates really made quite a setup around him!

21. One person went on vacation and his flat mate prepared a surprise for him

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We guess that the unsuspecting person is in for quite a surprise!

22. This is something unforgivable

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Instead of changing the toilet paper roll, this person decided to prank his roommate!

23. Here is how one roommate reacts to the other one’s habits

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This is definitely a mix between a funny and a passive-aggressive reaction!

24. One person had access to different pieces of decoration because she worked in a theater

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She knew her roommate was afraid of sharks and she decided to surprise her!

25. Sleeping at the library

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Well, this guy’s roommate really make a joke out of the current situation like a boss.

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