18 Real Australian Jargon Examples That Might Need An English Translation

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Australia is an amazing country in more ways than we are able to list here. In fact, it would take us a lot of time to mention everything we like about the land down under, but this list is about one of those things! The typical slang Aussies use is something we admire every time we hear someone use it, and in most cases it is something ridiculously hilarious! The list below is full of examples worth sharing!


1. We are thankful fro this clarification

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We genuinely believe that reading this post without the clarification below it would turn the cogs in most people’s heads at a high speed! One’s imagination could easily go wild otherwise!

2. This makes communication really easy

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Every nation has a typical way of communication that every individual follows on a daily basis! When it comes tto Australia, things are way easier than the the majority of other nations!

3. Here is how you can struggle to understand something written in English

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At first it seems that you are able to understand the text but after reading it you realize that half of it needs translation! It is a good thing that someone did that so we could all understand it.

4. We have no clue why they call McDonald’s like that

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We never knew that even basic things like the McDonald’s brand name are different in Australia! It seems that spending some time there will require you to learn many new things!

5. This is rather interesting to see

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It seems that there is an alternative way to pronounce the word ‘pecan’, but for Aussies the way most English speakers pronounce it is the wrong way! It seems weird but it is a fact!

6. Nobody would be able to understand this one

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This funny image is the best way to describe the short text! It is a really peculiar feeling when you see a text written in English that you struggle with, despite the fact that English is your native language!

7. They have an interesting word choice to substitute ‘friend’

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Here is another example that Aussie slang is like a code and you need to know what certain words mean in order to decipher it! We learned that ‘servo’ was actually short for ‘service station’/

8. This is a real print ad in the newspaper

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It looks like a joke but it is absolutely legit! Someone decided to show his girl what she meant to him, and we guess that this is one really special Valentine’s Day card!

9. We all understood the last part here

test ad
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We are thankful that someone stepped in and translated the short conversation. We would have never guessed the meaning behind it, and the whole situation was actually a simple one.

10. Asking an Aussie a simple question is apparently hard

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Well, the act of asking them is fairly easy, but the hard part is trying to figure out what they replied! In this case, the person asking for the time got their answer, but it did not make sense to them!

11. We are not able to answer this, either

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We now know that this phrase must have a certain meaning; it was probably a part of some story invoving the person who first used it as a way of saying ‘goodbye’.

12. Foreigners would have a hard time listening to radio stations, too.

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If you are a native, you would immediately understand this message that was broadcasted, but the rest of the English speakers in the world would not be able to receive the message.

13. Here is something curious we had no idea about

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Of all the things they could have given another name, they chose this! Well, we guess there is a particular reason for Aussies to use a term like that, but we prefer not to be aware of them.

14. Even the clarification is not clear enough here

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We are more than certain that ‘I love you’ is probably one of the most used phrases all over the world, but Aussies changed that as well! Their substitute slang for this is jaw-dropping!

15. Apparently Aussies have their own way of calling chocolate biscuits

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This is hard to believe, but it is the truth, obviously. As tough as Aussies are, in some cases their slang does not do them any favors, and this is exactly the case here! ‘Choccy biccy’ is an absurd way of calling anything!

16. Now this is what we call an interesting fact

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You now how people say that we learn new things all our lives and

17. Claiming something like that is more than funny

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The confusion here is obvious, and the person who was not familiar with Australian slang had a tough time understanding this!

18. The rest of the world is constantly puzzled by the way Aussies talk

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Social media is the place where people share all kinds of things, and this is why any language differences are more than obvious, meaning that people from all over the world get to admire the Australian slang!


Written by Sven Miller

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