19 Tweets Telling The Real Crazy Story Of How A Guy Met His Wife

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There are many mainstream and plain boring stories about how people met and later got married but this is not one of them. A person decided to share how he met his wife and the story became extremely popular! In fact, people wanted someone to make a movie out of it and we guess that it is worth it to be featured in a Hollywood production.

1. The start

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Despite this person clearly has a great sense of humor, we feel sorry about his loss. One would think that this story would be rather dramatic than funny or romantic but the person assured us that it would get better in the next parts of the story

2. The second part

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The story continues with the explanation of how the man frequently brought flowers when he visited his dad, and so did his mom as well. His grandparents also brought flowers when they visited the grave which slowly started to look like a flower stand.

3. The third part

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The story continues with how the man actually felt bad for the person buried next to his dad. He passed away on Christmas Day very young and nobody seemed to bring flowers to him. This is when the person decided that he should bring him flowers as well.

4. The fourth part

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Here is how the story continues. For a while, nothing unusual happened and the person simply kept bringing flowers to the two graves. The man was satisfied with what he did and he knew it was the right thing to do so he kept doing it.

5. The fifth part

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Because the man began feeling like the other deceased person was his friend despite the fact he never met him, he started wondering if there was some sort of a connection between them. He decided to initiate a Google search and he found the man.

6. The reveal


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Well, he found something that he never expected to see. As you can see, it quickly became apparent why nobody brought flowers to his grave. He did a terrible thing and later took his own life in a horrific way.

7. The bitter part

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The person realized that he kept bringing flowers to such a person for more than a couple of years and you can understand why he felt so bad. We mean, nobody could feel good about it under the newly-revealed circumstances.

8. The apology

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Knowing the full story, the person simply decided to do the thing he felt – he stopped bringing him flowers. Despite he did it, he still felt that there must be some kind of an apology he could express to the deceased wife and her parents.

9. The action

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The man was determined to apologize to them so he found out where they were buried. So he did the obvious: he bought some more flowers and went to that cemetery. He found the graves and immediately started apologizing to them, thinking nobody was around. Well, there was someone.

10. The woman

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The man was forced to explain the whole story and she agreed that it was weird but it was what it was. The woman also thought it was a kind thing to do. Out of nowhere, the man asked her to go out and she agreed. A couple of years later, they got married.

11. The suggestion

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Seeing the incredible twist of events, this person was the first to suggest that the story this man shared was worthy of a Hollywood movie. She was clearly excited about the idea and for a good reason, too. We loved this wacky story as well.

12. The location

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Most people dream of having their first date or their first meeting in an exotic location or at a special place that matters to them. Of course, that rarely happens because life is real and not some fairytale we have seen on TV.

13. The opinion

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Here is a person who actually liked the story but had something to say about it. The person really loved how it was revealed but was not happy about the fact that it was better than their own story of how she met her husband.

14. The laughter

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This honest person did not know what to say at first and she simply laughed when she followed the story. She knew that laughing hard seemed to be kind of inappropriate but we guess that it is not that big of a deal.

15. The thought

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Here is a person who almost immediately related this story and the way it was told to one of the best ever TV shows we have seen – How I Met Your Mother. The person obviously did not like aunt Robin for some reason.

16. The contender

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Here is another person who liked the story so much that they would gladly nominate it to be the best story about how someone met his wife. It sounds incredible but the story was obviously true.

17. The joke

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This is one of those people who have a special kind of humor you never want to be involved with. It is funny but it can also step on your very last nerve.

18. The pun

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Talking about funny stories and puns, you just appreciate this man’s effort to have some fun using one very clever pun.

19. The seasons

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If there is a sequel to the story, it better be a good one because some sequels actually ruin the original story and we hope it stays this way.

Written by Sven Miller

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