24 Times People Got Busted Trying To Lie And Their Lies Got Shared On Reddit

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People are being dishonest quite often for no reason at all. They do it either out of interest or simply because they are bored. Needless to say, this is not okay but the good thing is that they get caught sometimes and people who pay attention did not buy their lies. The list below shows posts that were exaggerated or completely made-up for some reason.

1. The story

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Here is a story that is worthy of a movie but despite if it sounds plausible or not, it is not true. The girl who posted it made it up and her bio gave her up because it revealed she was only 21.

2. The population

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Here is yet another example of something that did not happen for obvious reasons. Even if the first part was a fact, no school would go this far for sure.

3. The spider

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Now, this is one obvious example of how one person tried to describe her fiance as a superhero. Nobody could suck out the venom after such an incident and even if they could, they would need medical attention.

4. The cab driver

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We guess that this is one plausible story but we tend to believe it is impossible for obvious reasons. The track has a lot of lyrics and being able to rap like Eminem is borderline impossible.

5. The husband

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This story is actually something that could lead to a lot of trouble because it would encourage people to stop protecting themselves. No nurse would ever say this to anyone not wearing a mask.

6. The Starbucks story

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Here is yet another story that would never happen for real. No 4-year-old would go on and say that and nobody would accept this as business advice either. We guess people need to stop making stories up.

7. The teacher

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People think that they could do this and get away with it but nobody is dumb enough to believe this story. Bragging about how smart you are is not going to do you any favors.

8. The absurd story

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This is a person who obviously pushes their luck by spreading such stories. Nobody would buy this absurd story for obvious reasons. This person probably holds a few grudges, we guess.

9. The restaurant

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We believe that some of the people who constantly make up stories about things and events that never were or never happened need to be employed as screenwriters. They would do a good job.

10. Then post

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It seems that this person was a bit too excited about his height. No woman would react like that simply because of someone’s height and this story is hilarious to see.

11. The pen pals

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Here is how one person became tangled in their own lies. Someone commented with a reasonable question about the addresses and the person who posted the story even lied about having amnesia.

12. The ex

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The things people sometimes do to make themselves appear more interesting are ridiculous. This woman decided to come up with an absurd story that surely nobody would believe in.

13. The safari

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The lion whisperer needs to have in mind that people are not fools and they can realize that this story is false in a heartbeat. Nobody in their right mind would jump in front of a lion and growl at it.

14. The KFC story

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This person obviously has a wild imagination and we are not entirely sure if they actually thought that someone would believe this story. It has so many impossible sides to it that we don’t know where to start.

15. The cruise ship

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The blessed hashtag is not enough to make people believe this story. This person obviously wanted to impress whoever read this story but she failed. This story is not going to be accepted as a real one by anyone.

16. The NASA man

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This is the kind of information that nobody working at NASA would give away to a person they just met and that they were going to spend the night with. We don’t know if there is a dome or not but we know the story is false.

17. The chip

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Here is how one person decided to speculate about the whole coronavirus craze and decided to share a story that wasn’t true with an image that was obviously altered. This is a huge no-no.

18. The girl

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Now, this is a story that was obviously intended to send a certain message but it is false. No magazine would feature a full map of the USA and a full-sized image of Jesus on the next page.

19. The experienced person 

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Here is yet another person who decided to boast about how special they were. Needless to say, no teacher would know if any 15-year-old student would know anything about this topic or invite them to teach their classmates.

20. The workout

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Here is yet another person who decided to brag about something but it seems he had been watching too many movies because he came up with a scenario that does not happen in real life.

21. The elevator

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Now, this is something that is kind of disrespectful and also fun to see because it is absurd. Can you imagine someone heading out to read a book in their lunch break while listening to hymns?

22. The college girl

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First of all, the girl who told the story would never be able to hear what the mother said because she was asleep. Second, why she was at the park inside her car. And third, how did the mother know she was a college girl? This story is full of air.

23. The teacher

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Here is yet another person who probably had nothing better to do so he came up with a story about his chemistry teacher. A classmate saw the post and immediately reacted to the false story.

24. The shoes

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Needless to say, nobody would be that sleepy. This person knew well that such a story would attract some attention but people quickly realized it was not true.

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