18 Times People Shared Why Explaining Work Experience Gaps In CVs Is Annoying

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We have all been to job interviews and we have a basic understanding of how that goes. Sometimes, there is a part of that process that is rather annoying and even slightly infuriating. There are more than a few reasons why people have gaps in their work experience but it seems that HR people are kind of curious to learn why. Some people hide these gaps while others are forced to explain it.

1. The strategy

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Well, this is the kind of advice not everyone would take but this person seems to be convinced about what they are talking about. There are moments when you need to make a decision and the outcome of that decision may determine your career future.

2. The counter-question

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Here is one strategy that is actually a great thing to try. If they keep asking about the gaps in your resume, assuming that you were not able to get a job, for example, you can ask them what this person suggested and see how they react.

3. The personal reasons

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Here is one of the reasons why asking such a thing is not relevant to the candidate’s eligibility for the job offer. There seems to be a ton of possible personal reasons why a person decided to skip a year or another period on their career path.

4. The mystery

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It seems that some people need to focus on a particular candidate and their skillset instead of trying to find a possible flaw that may be hidden behind a huge gap in their work history. This person was baffled when the interviewer asked them something which had an obvious answer.

5. The mother

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We guess that this is one of the most common reasons why people have periods during which they were unemployed. As you can see, this person hesitated to admit that she had children but the kids were also the reason why she wasn’t working for a few years.

6. The idea

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Here are a couple of points of view that we just had to share. One person suggested that having such a gap in your CV is not a bad thing because you might have learned something in that period. The other user is also right to point out that nobody should work 24/7 for decades.

7. The employers

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Being too honest with your future employer would hardly do you any favors and this person explained why that happens. We guess that not telling the truth behind a period of your life when you were troubled is the right strategy.

8. The flip

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Here is yet another person who suggested that the candidate should try and turn the tables on the interviewer by asking them about the job position. This would make them more vulnerable and would even the powers, we reckon.

9. The gap

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The biggest problem with such questions actually occurs long before the time for the interview comes. This person tweeted how afraid they were because they were currently unemployed, meaning that gaps were created in their CV.

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10. The reality

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Now, this is one clever way to put things related to resume gaps. The reason is obvious – most of the gaps people had recently were caused by the pandemic and all the restrictions related to it. This is why HR specialists should not ask such questions.

11. The privacy

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We already mentioned that talking about career gaps is often equal to admitting very personal things sometimes. Needless to say, nobody could make you do that and you should probably not reveal such information on your own, too.

12. The trend

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Here is one suggestion that we guess has some truth to it. The trend suggested here would likely never happen but we understand what this person tried to say and we agree with them.

13. The depression

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Recruiters ask such questions because they want to learn about the candidates’ possible previous negative experiences or episodes with bad work ethics that forbid them from working for a long time.

14. The frustration

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Here is one person who obviously had enough of such questions and decided that people should raise their voices and put an end to this. Gaps in one’s resume are a normal thing and we are sure that eventually such questions will not be asked.

15. The two-year gap

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Here is yet another person who had a reason for his long career gap. He had a tough period and mental health issues followed. Seeking help and healing is a common reason for such gaps.

16. The tragic events

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Here is how one person was more than unfortunate to lose both her parents in just a few months. This is something she never needs to explain to recruiters simply because they noticed her career history gap.

17. The position

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Similarly to the person above, this work applicant was forced to prove the unfortunate events they had to endure. The company they applied at wanted written proof of what the person said which is more than inappropriate.

18. The start

Image Source: TwitterThis is the original tweet and this is how it all started.

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