8 Times People Clearly Stopped Caring

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At a certain point, people just stop caring. That happens for a few reasons. You sometimes have to stop caring in order to simply get by. If you worry too much about life or what other people think of you, then your very existence will be positively miserable.

We all know people who have stopped caring. There are the people who have stopped using deodorant. You can smell them coming. You can also smell people who don’t brush their teeth regularly.

There are also the people who can’t be bothered getting proper haircuts. A bad haircut makes you look terrible, by the way, so you should always go to a true professional who knows what he or she is doing.

Personally, I get good haircuts and always try to avoid body odor; however, I don’t really care about my clothing. I refuse to wear clothing that smells awful, but I also buy a lot of my clothing from Costco. They sell jeans for very reasonable amounts of money! The point is that there is nothing impressive about my wardrobe. I also buy a lot of clothing at Kohl’s; the shoes aren’t particularly inexpensive, but everything else is. You can also buy appliances, greeting cards, and video games there.

There are a lot of ways to give up on life, and I know a lot of people who have.

Here are nine examples of people who clearly just stopped caring.

1. The People With the Coats

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These are two guys who clearly don’t like the cold. I can’t blame them. They are in New York, and I can speak from personal experience when I say that New York City seems extremely cold during the winter months. These coat-like things are hideous, true, but I bet they keep these two guys warm.
I was once stranded in New York City during a blizzard. I was visiting a friend while also avoiding dealing with the disaster that is my life, and it snowed so much I couldn’t leave for almost a week. My car was buried under a foot of snow.

I had a good time in the city while indoors, but the place just gets so cold. I don’t know how people live there! It was so freezing and windy that I was afraid I would lose a finger.

2. The Owners of the House

Image Source: The Tango

I really have no idea what was going on here. How did the house end up like this? I can only speculate. Were actual choices intentionally made? Was there a drunk architect? The house certainly doesn’t look great.

I would not mind having this house next to mine, though. It looks kind of cool, and I’m also not one to be super critical of my neighbors. In fact, throughout the course of my life, I have tried to avoid my neighbors. Getting to know the people who live near you is generally a bad idea. I have learned that the hard way so many times.

That said, I actually like most of my current neighbors. They are nice people. There are a couple I could do without, but that’s because they are super judgmental. It isn’t like there is any actual bad blood; they just irritate me. I probably irritate them, though, so I can’t be too critical.

3. The Wite-Out and the Pants

Image Source: Dazed Digital

Certain brands of clothing are expensive, and not all of us can afford them. To be honest, in most cases, there is really no reason to buy expensive clothing. I once went to a store that sold t-shirts for more than $50. Why would anyone buy one of those? They looked cool enough, certainly, but I know for a fact that t-shirts don’t last forever. You’re lucky if a t-shirt lasts more than a year or two.
Similarly, jeans don’t last forever, especially if you wear them every day, which I generally do. Why spend more than forty dollars on a pair of jeans?

The person in this image clearly stopped caring about fashion; I think it is good that she did. She probably saved herself a lot of money. Also, and I’m speaking as a guy here, men really don’t care if a woman is wearing designer labels. I know I am generalizing to an extent, but it is true. I probably couldn’t tell the difference between a $30 black dress and one that costs $300.

Don’t get me started on wedding dresses! When a guy gets married, he is generally only really interested in getting his new wife out of her wedding dress.

What sane person spends more than $10,000 on a wedding dress? Apparently, people do; if that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t be available for sale. It is a dress! How nuts do you have to be?

I have never been married, and there’s little chance I’ll ever again find a woman willing to put up with me for more than about four months; unlike fine wine, I don’t age particularly well. Still, if I were to find a wife, I wouldn’t want the wedding reception to last more than an hour. I don’t particularly care for most of my family, so I would only need about a minute with each member. I think it is obvious what I’d be waiting for, and my family would not be involved. That would be creepy.

4. The Guy and the Job Interview

Image Source: Putmelike

So apparently this guy had a job interview on Halloween and wore this particular outfit. I am jealous, frankly. I am assuming he was applying for some sort of programming job.

I don’t even know how to dress for job interviews anymore, which is why I write stuff for the internet. I was out of work for a few months last year, and it was awful. I therefore went on many, many job interviews. I had to wear ties, which I hate. I had to wear shirts with collars, which is awful. I also had to shave, which is obnoxious.

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I despise the stupid questions people who interview you for jobs ask. Why do I want to work for your company? Well, the honest answer is that I would rather not work at all. Sadly, however, I need to pay for food, car insurance, and beer—so I really don’t have a choice in the matter. There’s no great way of putting that, however. You can’t just tell your future employer “I need money because I wasn’t born into money, so please hire me”.

5. The Woman With the Hand and the Foot

Image Source: Instagram

Sadly, I am willing to admit that I have also held my own hand using my toes. I am even sadder to admit that I did so today. I haven’t had the best day, and sometimes I am the only person who can cheer myself up when I am feeling a bit low. I am proud to say that I haven’t hugged myself recently, which is a good sign.

What’s weird about this picture is that the young woman is clearly in a public place, and I refuse to encourage people to take their shoes off in public. That is not a good thing to do. For one, most people’s feet smell. If you think your feet don’t smell, you are probably kidding yourself. I know there are people who find feet attractive, but as far as I am concerned, that is kind of weird. Furthermore, I have yet to meet a person who can honestly claim he or she enjoys the smell of feet. If there is a person who enjoys the smell of feet after a long day of walking around, I definitely do not want to know that person.

I know a woman who paints toenails for a living. By all accounts, she does it well. I feel so bad for her, though; I can’t imagine having to touch feet for a living. I don’t even like having to touch my own feet.

6. Jocelyn’s Dad

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In this case, Jocelyn’s dad’s boss is a bit of a jerk. If you don’t try to make work fun, you will go a bit insane. I feel bad for her dad.

That said, we have all had bad bosses before. I have never had trouble with the person to whom I directly report. They have all been very cool. I have always got along well with them.

It is always the boss of my boss. I always end up reporting to a person who reports to a person who is just terrible. Years ago, I worked for a college. My boss was a great guy, and years later I would still hang out with him; his boss, though, was a racist. Her boss was a moron, and the president of the college was a doddering old fool who probably couldn’t spell college if his life literally depended on it. I have no idea how he became the president of a college. That said, it wasn’t the best college in the world. It wasn’t the best college in the state, mind you, and I live in a pretty unimpressive state.

7. The Police Officer

Image Source: Abacul

The police officer that wears the pig nose is sort of funny. At the very least, he has a sense of humor about himself. I do think that police officers take themselves a bit too seriously at times. If I were one, I would probably take myself way too seriously.

Don’t get me wrong—police officers have a hard job. I rarely worry about having to get shot at work; then again, I work from home. My dog and I have our little disagreements, but we’re on pretty good terms.

One of my neighbors is a police officer. He, like me, has a little dog. He is a big guy, so he looks sort of silly walking around a dog that is the size of an average person’s foot, but both he and his dog are actually very nice. He’s surprisingly jovial considering what he has to deal with every day. I don’t know if I could do it. The uniforms in my state are also terrible; I don’t think I could put that on every day. The colors are just sort of drab.

8. The Guy on the Subway

Image Source: 9gag

This guy clearly doesn’t care about anything other than keeping himself entertained. I can relate, as I have stopped caring about anything else other than keeping myself entertained. This looks like a great setup, frankly. He is clearly comfortable and has something to watch. What more, honestly, do you need?

Really, what more do you expect from a person at eight in the morning? I get mad when people expect me to blink at eight in the morning.

It is a bold move bringing blankets with you onto a subway; I respect it, certainly, but I would be horrified to do so. You just know those seats are crawling with bacteria. I rode the subway the last time I was in New York City. I sat in something; I really hope it was some sort of cola beverage. It didn’t smell like cola, though. I threw the jeans away immediately, of course.

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