32 Times People Shared The ‘True Face’ Of The Partner They Live With

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Living with someone is tough because you are forced to put up with a ton of things you will never be okay with. Sometimes, people do unacceptable things and while their partners are willing to compromise, they still shared what they had to tolerate so the others could see.

1. The pistachios

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This person shared how the rest of their family ate pistachios. It seems that they did not bother throwing the shells to the side.

2. The trash bin

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This is something we find appalling as well. Not throwing a plastic bag inside the bin before tossing the trash is simply wrong.

3. The tin foil

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There is an easy way to use this roll of tin foil but people are always tearing it apart like this picture shows and much of it is left wasted.

4. The eggs

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This is how one person’s wife cooks. She always leaves the eggshells inside the carton after using a few eggs and this is absurd.

5. The milk

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This is something we would never understand. Why don’t these people just throw away empty boxes and containers instead of putting them in the fridge?

6. The cereal

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This might not be a huge deal but it is still irritating. This person always opened the cereal boxes like that instead of the regular way to do it.

7. The collection

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It seems this person is making a collection of toilet paper tubes. After a roll is gone, the easiest thing to do is to toss the empty tube in the trash.

8. The toothpaste

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We are certain that nobody would tolerate this inside their house but one person is obviously forced to. This is disgusting.

9. The filter

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We have seen many similar moments before. Many people seem to forget that there are things like AC or vacuum cleaner filters.

10. The toilet paper

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Here is how one person decided to buy toilet paper for the first time ever. She obviously thought they were all the same and she bought a 1-ply pack.

11. The bottles

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some people are simply not willing to throw away their garbage and this woman’s nightstand proves that. Yikes!

12. The ketchup bottles

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Now, this is something most of us have surely experienced before. Some people leave the bottle of ketchup so they could squeeze the last bits but they end up buying another.

13. The potatoes

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Here is how one person simply neglected their storage space. They left these potatoes for a really long time and this is the result.

14. The mix

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Here is something that we consider to be a huge no-no. Someone mixes M&Ms and Skittles, which looks okay at first but it is not.

15. The hair

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Here is what one person has to put up with. His wife usually leaves her fallen hair on the shower wall which is not okay to see.

16. The scoop

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something really gross and we believe that not many people would allow it. This is how one person’s roommate leaves the cat litter scoop in the sink.

17. The bread

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person’s wife likes to put her snacks on the tablet, including bread. Needless to say, crumbs are to be found everywhere after that.

18. The shoes

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that we tend to do the same from time to time. This is how one person’s housemate likes to leave all their shoes.

19. The KitKat

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There is only one proper way to eat a KitKat and the one shown here is definitely not it. This person sees what you see here every time his wife eats one bar.

20. The bread

Image Source: Imgur

Seeing someone open their bread pack like that would be enough to make us furious. Leaving it would surely mean the bread will go bad in no time.

21. The storage

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Similar to the image above with the potatoes, this is one storage spae that has not been opened in a while. This person needs to tidy up things.

22. The screws

Image Source: Reddit

One person’s wife obviously has a bad habit – she never fully closes the caps on boxes and bottles which means that a spill could happen any time.

23. The room

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that the best way to show how someone can make a huge mess is to compare it with a person who keeps things tidy, such as these roommates.

24. The pots

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It seems that people who have roommates would relate to this one. One of the roommates uses all pots to store leftovers in them instead of ot using containers.

25. The bowls

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Here is yet another thing that is no big deal but it is still infuriating to see. It was obvious which should have gone where here.

26. The yucky leftover

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Here is how pasta left inside the fridge for a really long time looks like. One person prepared the meal and then left on vacation.

27. The ice cream

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One person ate almost all of the ice cream and left this huge box with the tiny amount left back inside the freezer.

28. The toothbrush

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Here is how one person noticed that their roommate’s toothbrush should have been replaced a really long time ago.

29. The strawberries

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Here is how one toddler decided to follow the instructions and only eat half the strawberries. We guess that the kid was technically correct here.

30. The pumpkin

Image Source: Reddit

Using a real pumpkin as a Halloween decoration comes at a price – you need to clean the mess it makes when you don’t remove it sooner.

31. The cheesecake

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We believe that someone serving cheesecake like that would never have the chance to be a part od our close friend circle.

32. The packages

Image Source: Reddit

It seems this person’s wife has zero patience when it comes to opening different packages and containers

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